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I've got a powerhouse episode for you today that's all about asking the big question: Do you own your possessions, or do they own you?

You're going to discover how to keep from getting bogged down in the daily grind and instead, steer your business into the stratosphere, where you call the shots and cultivate meaningful connections. Picture yourself building an empire that reflects who you are, without getting lost in a sea of things that don’t really matter.

You've got the potential to be a top-tier entrepreneur, and I'm here to show you how. Let's do this—together.

Show highlights include:

  • The power of going virtual [06:15]
  • How to structure a seamless process of checks and balances within your organization [10:50]
  • Why do people go to such extreme lengths to fit in? [16:59]
  • Discover the key to building strong ties with your customers and stand out in a world dominated by AI and bots. [22:42]
  • Ready to break your limits and dream big? [29:03]
  • How are you trying to scale? [33:05]
  • What are you doing with your time to multiply it? [40:17]
  • How to create a clear path to your goals [44:09]

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Welcome to the making of a DM Ma. Do you own things? Or do the things own you? This is a beautiful update from Dubai. So with that said, let's get started I'm here to help and teach you what I know and discover freedom. No question Warren Kevin's when he stepped in the Dow. What's the deal make a deal make the image just to deal with a dream.

0:40 Hey there, it's your boy Mark Evans, D am talking to you from a beautiful suite here in Dubai, overlooking the palms. At this resort that cost 1.6 billion with a P B, not a P but at B billion dollars. Been here for about a week. Actually, I've been here for a week. As I'm sitting here looking out today. It's a little overcast but beautifully sunny 74 degrees. My wife and kids are down at the pool hanging out. soon as I'm done with this show today. I want to go down there by the pool hang out. And then we're gonna go eat over at a Nobu Restaurant again, for late lunch, and then hang out with family. But I wanted to share some stuff with you here that I'm while I'm in Dubai, you know, I'm doing a lot of thought auditing I have from my east coast for my entire team, I'm nine hours ahead. So if it's noon, East Coast time, it's 9pm here. And as many as you know, or may not know, I go to bed around nine or 10 o'clock at night, I lay in bed by nine try to be asleep by 10. Because I'm up in the four o'clock range give or take.

Anyways, before I get started, I got a lot to share with you some really neat things going on. And just getting away is very powerful. But before I do, like I said, thank you guys so much for sharing the show. This is a great way to share it with your friends. If I'm saying something today, it makes sense. I do this with my wife, I do this with my buddies all the time. I'm listening to podcast shows just like you, if I hear something that makes sense, or I like it, or I feel like it could help the person that I'm going to send it to I pause it, I go to share a show. And then I send it to him via text and say, Hey, listen to this episode between minute 14 and 16. Or whatever the number is right? It allows them to kind of get a taste of what you're up to let them know that you're thinking about them. And it gets the word out. There's nothing better than sharing the show. Connecting with your friends, deepening relationships by caring about people. It's kind of cool how that works, right. But again, all of the great shares all of the great you know, even on social media, a lot of you guys share it, just make sure you tag me if you tag me typically, I'll see it quickly. And then I'll will reshare that on my feed and hopefully get you some some followers and get you some clout.

So I appreciate that. So today, like I said, sitting here in the suite, hanging out, I want to share some tips with you guys. It's a little off subject, about business, but it also has a lot to do about business. Everything's about business. Let's be honest, everything's about business. I'm trying not to get distracted. As I'm looking out over the palms. There's a guy shooting off the rocket things. You know, in the water, he's got one of those rocket things where he's shooting up out of the water with the jet ski. There's a couple yachts out here. A bunch of people on the beach pulls packed it is definitely happening. And but one thing about business. So if you're traveling International, this is something you guys all should do. Contact the local airport or go online and see if they have a fast pass when you arrive in a fast pass through customs when you leave this you pay 100 bucks 200 bucks a person maybe less more truth is I don't even know it's not that much. But you go to these airports and you'll see like these massive lines. There are hacks International where you could pay people to meet you in that country and just literally walk you to the front of the line directly or private line. And what takes two hours will take you 20 minutes or less. And oftentimes they'll even have like little sweets for you to hang out. You got the kids they'll have soda water, they'll tea they'll coffee. You know this makes a big difference when you're traveling international because you never know what you're going to get. The truth is we do it every single time we travel international we get the Fast Pass.

They're out there waiting, they got their sign they got your name on it and they literally grab you so we arrived in Dubai. As soon as we arrived, they have the the buggy there or the golf cart. They toss the grab us they grab our stuff, they throw it in there and we go directly through customs the private line literally takes 10 seconds and then we go straight to the baggage they Grab the baggage, and then they toss us in the car. And then we roll to the hotel, the resort. Why a lot of people, you know, you got kids screaming people hanging out, you just we just had a 14 hour flight. Last thing you want to do, I don't care if it's four minute flight, I don't want to stand in a customs line ever. So or reduce it. So I never knew that existed. But that's a quick tip. If you guys travel International, these, these things do exist. And hopefully you guys utilize them. It's very affordable. And it's a big business. Once you realize it's usually they say you got to reserve like two three weeks in advance because they only have so many staff to do it. Depending when you're coming in right?

Coming in busy times, it might, we might need to definitely plan it out. I'm not a good planner with that stuff. My wife and my team helped me with all those things. But definitely do know that it will make your life a little bit easier. And that's why we're here. Right? How can we make our life a little bit easier? Every single day? All right, cool. So as I'm hanging out here in Dubai, like I said, I've been here seven days, businesses are cranking and things are moving. We're hiring, we're moving people around, we're letting people go. We're growing organizations, we're, we're shifting, we're pivoting organizations, we're doing a lot of stuff, and all these different organizations I'm a part of, and, you know, ever, like I said, I'm nine hours ahead, so I'm not really communicating verbally on the phone or anything with the team. Because by the time I'm going to bed, they're just kind of getting their day going. But don't a lot of email, like I've sent I get up at like the set four or five in the morning, it's eight or nine o'clock their time at night, the night before I shoot a nice email and or follow up with them. And we're off, we're off to the races. This was not possible for me back in 2004. And five, you know, I started traveling in 2005, December 31 oh five to be exact. And I never even thought this world existed. Being virtual, being able to grow a company, build a company, expand the company.

And and I just want to say this with caution, don't don't run out and go virtual tomorrow, because I'm talking to you today about it, you know, virtual to me, it was always build a business that can run with or without you. And, you know, in scale. So it forced me to stop being a control freak, it forced me to look at processes, people procedures, it forced me to focus on things that made sense, not just little things, but all things. So there's a lot of variables to this conversation. So don't don't think that it's like, oh my gosh, I'm gonna be virtual marks that it's that's how I'm gonna get rich. I'm not saying that. I'm just saying that forced me to get out of the day to day, mundane tasks, but there's a lot of mundane shit that has to happen in businesses, but I'm not good in the day to day, I have great team members that love it. I'm the opposite, right? I like to think on the vision, I like to think about the big picture, I like to think about who we're going to hire. Very high level capital relationship. Capital Management is what I'm really focused on at this journey of my life. So I'm having high quality conversations with pretty cool people every day, which is pretty neat. So but being here, you know, two days prior for before we left the States, I had a lot going on some big, big stuff going on. Some some good, some really bad, and stuff you have to deal with. These are things that we have to deal with the business owner. And in these moments, I was doing a lot of thought auditing asking myself like doing like, I used to catch myself wondering why everyone wasn't an entrepreneur, why doesn't everyone do what we do, because it's so cool. It's so amazing. It's so easy. These are the things we sell ourselves. But the truth is what I was dealing with last week was not easy was not fun was not amazing in any way, shape, or form.

It was very hard, very challenging, very upsetting. I felt that I felt let down. I felt like I let people down. I felt like they let me down. It was just very emotional for the last two weeks at a high level. I'm not complaining just sharing like real intimate behind the scenes stuff. And this is the truth why a lot of people will never be an entrepreneur because that is very tough. It's very taxing, you know, messes with your sleep and messes with your decisions. You start playing different games, you started asking you start questioning stuff that you do and have done. It's not productive. It's a very unproductive environment. But I just want all of you guys to know is I'm in the trenches with you daily. That's why I like to share this stuff. That's why I like to do this show. You know I'm in Dubai can easily be hanging out and not doing the show. But I want to give you a real time real world stuff of what's going on over here. Because I know I am touching a lot of people conversating with a lot of you guys social media and do this podcast show so I see your messages. I see your struggles, I

9:45 see your wins. I see all that which I love. But I just want to let you guys know if you think everyone's winning that's not the case. And not only that winning does require losing inside of that you're going to lose sleep. You're going to you're going to have Big Al's you're going to have big up People steal from you lie and cheat like all that it's part of the journey. So don't get down on yourself just get better at the goal is don't keep doing the same thing expecting different results. So but as I'm sitting here in Dubai, just thinking about stuff, because it's like, I'm so far away, I can't solve a problem. If I have to go look at a house when a deal on buying or a commercial property, I can't do it. I'm 3015 hour flight away, right? So get yourself I guess what I'm saying is get yourself so far removed that you can't you can't solve the problem with you doing the work, where you have to get creative and resourceful. Like, what structure can I build inside of my organization to make this a seamless process to give better checks and balances?

I've talked about this before in the past, but when I used to go to all my properties, I used to do all that stuff. I understood if there's a hole in the ceiling, how much it's going to cost. If there's a leak in the roof, what's the cause foundation problems I like I knew how to do all that stuff. So what I would do is it messed me up, though, because I would go to these projects, and I would actually talk myself into the deal. Instead of focus on the numbers. If I knew that hole in the ceiling, and the roof was going to be a $10,000 job, I would start minimizing so yeah, but I could get it done for $3,200. So I would offer more money for that project. And if someone if it was structured out, because they would look at the numbers that's 10 grand, based off of this number, based off this number, it'd be a $7,000 difference in pricing. That's a big deal. Not a big deal when you do one. But when you're doing hundreds, this really starts to add up. And you're assuming that's only one of the things that you did, you know, so I was talking myself into deals instead of just following a procedure, a formula, if you will.

So I'd get down like Yeah, but you know, I'm not that busy. So I can actually get my guys over here pretty quick. I'm not saying you can't do that a little bit a little moving around and weaving in and out. But when you're on site, and you know these things, you get yourself into trouble you force deals that shouldn't be forced. You talk yourself into deals that should have never done. And then you don't know all that shit until it's already too late. You've already done the deal. You've already spent the money. You've already three, three weeks deepen the project in your two weeks pass through already. And yet you got two more weeks left the market slowing down the money's getting harder. All these things start compiling. So I just want to throw caution in the wind that when you get so far away, you start creating SOPs you started creating a formula you know hey a lead comes in this happens a lead comes in this guy calls this happens a guy gets called or gal gets called you know so and so calls them let's call them Gino.

Gino gives them a call Gino inks the deal. Gino cues up the inspector or the you know the property individual that's gonna go out and take pictures and do the report. So now we have a property report. Now we get the property report back. And now we're gonna go through the numbers to the third party. And like there's all these structures that you can create. And I don't care what business you're in. If you're an owner, owner operator, specifically as well. You need to be thinking on efficiencies and effectiveness. Don't over automate it where you actually lose the relationship. Just understand how to create automation structure and procedures to allow you to be more productive, not just for you, but also for your client. How do you give them a better user experience as I'm sitting in this beautiful, you know, $1.6 billion resort. I don't know who the owner is. He's not meeting and greeting me. He's not taxing me. He's not taking me to Abu Dhabi two days ago with the family and doing a tour guide. But everything I have I got WhatsApp, I talked to concierge, hey, we want to go to Abu Dhabi for the day to an hour booked, booked a car, book a translator book. You know, someone who knows the area can tell us a lot more shows five locations, you know, whatever. And then boom, it gets done.

It's seamless, it's flawless. And that's what's always cooled out when you travel. Pay attention. You are a consumer you and I are consumers of products and things. The truth is what we are is consumer of feelings. Like that car that you drive has a feeling the phone you use has a feeling you know you listen this podcast gives you a feeling. It gives you confidence it gives you power it gives you maybe maybe the fucking confuses you, I don't know but it gives you feeling right you knowledge up you gain a feeling. That's what we're all chasing by the way is feeling when you see your spouse when you see your future your spouse or maybe when you see your kids, you you get feelings from it. What kind of feelings are your clients getting with your resources? your products, your your business? Kind of feelings are you delivering frustration or excitement? Fun or not so fun, cool or not so cool. What are you doing? Do they are they proud to be a part of it? Are they not proud to be a part of can I be honest with you, as I always am. One of the coolest things I get to see and do is actually I get to see us all time. So many people, hundreds if not 1000s of people sporting the DM gear. Now the DM means dealmaker or if it's my mother dreammaker.

But what it really means is has nothing to do with me, even though it's what my logo is. But it's all of our logos. It's a unit logo, the more the logo gets spread, the more visibility the dealmaker community gains. It's a single sign that let someone know like, Yo, that guy is in the game. If you were like $1,000, Jordans, and someone sees you $1,000 GA and understand what the GA you have an instant connectability right. It's interesting to me, as I'm sitting here in Dubai, everyone's wearing Jeevan xxie. You know, Bob, Mr. Bowman, I don't even know what the names are, you know, Louis Vuitton all this shit. Okay, cool. But why? Why are you wearing something to support you just to be cool.

16:03 I'm not trying to be cool. I'm trying to be productive, trying to be profitable. I'm trying to be. I don't mind being cool. But I want to do it in my way. I feel like one of the most interesting things from again, I'm talking out loud to you. We're sitting at breakfast. By the way, this hotel, they have like 17 stations, it's the world's largest buffet. It's like nothing you've ever seen before it is five star. It's insane. But there's someone sitting beside us and they have the big fake lips and all this stuff. And I'm just amazed at how people fucking do certain things to their body, or do anything in general just to try to fit in. Like, what is wrong with an individual to be injecting their lips, they look like a fucking duck. That looks so stupid to me. And I'm judging it because I don't like it. It's weird to me as a mental thing. It's weird. Because I know they're gonna wake up five years, three years, 10 years from now, saying the same thing. But the only reason an individual would do something so stupid is to fit in, is to impress someone. I've never met a man that said, Man, those lips look good.

You look like a fucking duck. They look stupid. Right? So it's like, it's again, it's not it is what it is. But if people are willing to do that and spend money lots of money on that to look like that the world is trying to fit in everywhere. And that's giving them a feeling so I take note of I use a frustrated with it just talking out loud you to hear how my tones already changed a little bit. Because it's my brain just does not make sense with it. But I do make sense with people wanting to connect and feel something with that kind of signaling, right? They have the Rolex they have the paddock they have what you know, what are these are signals. These are things I've never truthfully really tried to fit in. Because I didn't like the people that fit in. It was weird to me. Right? At the beginning maybe when I was 13 I tried to, but I never felt like myself. I'd never felt as confident as I do today. I wear a goofy kangal I've been wearing that fucking thing since 1997. I've been wearing pink shirts. Back before it was even a cool for a guy to wear a pink shirt was not cool. Back in 1995 ish. Right? I wear flip flops. I wear white shoes. I've always wore white shoes and flip flops when no one else did. And it was always weird because it was funny because my grandmother might be everyone's dude, you will goofy blow. Why don't you just fit in man? Why do you stick out like a sore thumb? Well, I think you stick out like a sore thumb. Because you're trying to be someone you're not. You're trying to look like that person. I don't chase designers stuff. I like nice watches. I like nice cars. I like how big house is but I like my style. You know, I don't care if everyone likes the this kind of car. I like the car I like you know, I see everyone driving Tesla's cool. I just don't like him. If I liked him, I buy one. You don't I mean, so it's but again, it's like that's a signal if you drove a Tesla, okay, cool.

Like, it's awesome that people have these little pods. But that's what I love about the DM community is the DM is your brand. I'm just a steward of it as well, just like you. When I meet people. I've met this guy Tom, yesterday at the coffee bar at 7am. He's from the UK. He moved to Dubai three years ago. He has more stays at the Atlantis Hotel Resort than anybody ever in the history of Dubai. And him and his wife and kiddo. He knows every chef in town this guy is connected of the connected and guess what he does? So well. We talked for three hours he does real estate. So we start talking what's working, what's not working and blah, blah, blah. It's really cool to me like that to me. That's conversation started with the DM hat. The individual starting that conversation, me or them, right, let's say Tom like what he did. He's like, hey, what's the DM stand for? I'm like dealmaker, right? Because I got it on a hat and a sweatshirt. And guess what he's like? Well, I'm like, Yeah, you have a dealmaker. Hahaha.

Right, of course. It's 730 in the morning, he's at a nice high end resort. He's doing something. See what I mean. So that if he had a Lacoste or a fucking polo shirt on, like, no one's ever asking these questions blenz Yaga you'll moon, you go to blitz Yaga shirt on you. What do you love to? No one does that. That's more to blend in to fit in. I want to stand out to accelerate. I want to stand out to lead. I want to stand out to conversate see what I mean? So massive shift, a massive difference. And it gives you so much more confidence. It gives you separation. People understand what you stand for. That's the thing is a lot of people don't stand for anything. They stand for whatever's easy, simple, less resistant. Oh, yeah. I like blue to know, I fucking hate blue. I like green. And not me personally. But like, that's how I think about this stuff. So what are you doing? To stand up to stand out? What are you up to? What are you wearing? What are you talking about who you're hanging out with? These are all things that you can do. As I'm hanging out here in Dubai. I've had multiple meetings I met Tom yesterday met a guy named Chris he sold a company for 320 million.

I met him yesterday for a couple hours, him and his wife. And my family came down. We talked about real estate, talked about a bunch of business stuff. And what's next kind of thing. He's young, 40 year old guy doing some really cool stuff. And then after that at 6pm, for a couple of hours, I met with a guy aside. Here in Dubai, he's a huge real estate developer. And if I told you how big it is, you wouldn't even believe me. But it's big. It's in the BS with the billions. And I got to sit down and hang out and connect with them. This is all through relationship capital. I met a guy, Ollie, he was in Miami, Florida, he come to one of my yacht events that I did, because I like to do stuff over the top. He likes over the top, he came and hung out for the day, we forged a relationship. This is five years ago, we've stayed in communication and connection. And I let them know hey, man, I'm in Dubai, I know you got some stuff going on out there. There's anybody I should hook up with. This guy's hooked me up with like the sheiks like the main people that are running this country.

I want you to think about that through relationship capital. So why is this important to you? Well, again, we're talking about a lot of stuff. But you have to start understanding what your brand creates some types of feeling. But what are you creating a feeling? are you connecting with your folks? Are you like, when I say you, it could be your process, it could be your team. It could be the infrastructure you created. And like I said, I caution you do not over automate it. Automation is amazing. humanization is the separator. humanize your automation, allow people to connect with you as a human. You know, I know it's real. And I know a lot of people are getting used to this whole AI and bots and all this shit. Because I see the chat lines. And it's like, oh, you know, is this a bot? Or is this really you? Every single thing that we do as a human on our company, because bots, you know, we might have a trigger that says, hey, thanks for replying, we'll get back to you. But I'm talking like full fledged conversations via text or email, or phone calls, or is going to be with a human that we employ.

And we work with and are there you know, 1099 or whatever. And we're having conversations we really want to get to know like and trust you are seeing what your real problems are not your surface level problems, by the way, your core problems, your root problems, so we can really help you get growth. See the thing is in our companies, we all have a sense of urgency that we're not all going to be here forever. So we got to make the most impact at the highest caliber as fast as humanly possible. And the only way to do that is get to the root. Most of the people are out here trim and cheat trees, the limbs on the trees, we're going to the root cause because if we can solve the root, everything else will get better. Everything else will flourish. So be unique. While everyone's going AI I'm going harder on humans. Yeah. Could you save a couple of bucks? Maybe. But how much are you losing? See, it depends on what kind of company you are. And again, I'm

24:46 not knocking AI. I'm just not a follower. I'm a leader. I'm leading me along with what I believe is the best not say I'm not wrong sometimes. But I'm also I don't How how it can be right by being a human instead of a human environment. You see what I mean? So these are all things that we should be doing. But what's cool about me being so far away is it forces me to think deeper about these pieces, it forces me to think strategically not reactively. Because a lot of times do like, let's be honest, you're in a business, you're like, Man, I could save like, I can literally eliminate 30 employees, and save X, Y, and Z and plus make, you know, make x more money. Yeah, do it. And just you may want it was just the decision you moved. But we got to remember, there's humans involved in these decisions.

And it could be really good or really bad for individuals. So we got a lot of people, we got a lot of responsibility as leaders and owners of organizations to be mindful about the full decision, not just a fast, reactive decision, because it makes a couple extra bucks. Today anyways, that could lose you a lot more money in the future. So as I'm sitting here, there, so I've never, I've been to many places, I've been to many, many cool places of my life. And I remember back in the heyday of Miami, South Beach, Florida, Miami, Florida, my buddy Doug and I, he did hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars in real estate in Miami, like you would go down to Miami. You know, I forgot many years ago now should have might be 15 or 15 years ago now. But um, there'd be cranes everywhere. It was a big deal. It's very condensed, a lot of cranes, a lot of building a lot of development going on, which is cool. And a lot of money was made. And then you fast forward in. I'm in Dubai in 2024. I'm telling you right now, and I'm being dead serious. What was going on in Miami, 15 years ago looks like kindergarten compared to what's going on here in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

I've never seen the scale, the amount of money in construction, flowing at rapid paces. I've never seen anything like it. I truly believe I will never nor will anybody ever see a growth, like what's happening in Dubai and Abu Dhabi for the rest of our lives. There's a couple of reasons why one, you have to have a lot a lot of money. I mean, we're talking hundreds of billions, if not trillions of dollars, to you have to have the land space to be able to do it. Three, you have to have reason to do it. Right. I think they said 18 million people came to Dubai, as tourists last year. There's only 12 or 13%. local population. Everyone else is expats. They come in here they hang out there. I mean, guys, as I'm talking to you, I'm looking at 50 3040 $50 million houses everywhere. Like it's like, these are like starter houses in the states there as far as the eye can see, like for real. And then beyond that I see the city, the building I'm in IS 1.6 billion, the building beside me is over a billion. I mean, there's multiple billion dollar complexes here.

So that's cool and all, but who's like you understand what it takes to manage and build these kinds of complexes. I mean, at one point, there's over 20,000 workers working on some of these properties. You know, when we went to Abu Dhabi 10s of 1000s of new builds are going up everywhere. I'm talking complex sizes, like, again, I can tell you until I'm blue in the face, but you can't fathom it, until you actually arrive here and experience it with your own two lies. The feeling I have here is that there's money is it's just unlimited. It's massive. Whatever you're skelling in your life or in your brain, if you have a business and you want to grow, you have to come here just for a learn learning what real skill looks like. Again, I'm a pretty experienced investor business owner, I'm blown away by it. I'm like, How in the world, like the vision that one would have to have to do what they're doing here is unprecedent.

So it's like consultants and vision and you know, these thoughts and the money to back these thoughts and ideas. And it's, it's epic proportions of what's going on out here. And I'm not tourist guide. I'm not here to sell you a tourism package or anything. But I'm telling you, I think over the next three years or less, every person listening to my voice should come to Dubai and experience what I'm experiencing frame breaking. It's breaking my frame of what's possible. What's available. Literally, you think you're dreaming big. Then you come here and you're like, I haven't even started dreaming. Big is all relative, right? If you're hanging out with three people dreaming about building a 10 property portfolio, you're the fourth one dreaming about building something a little bit bigger. Maybe. But when you come here, there is no limit.

They want bigger, better and higher. Not only do they want that they're willing to put their time, energy, effort, and most importantly, money, where their mouth is, you've never seen anything like this, I genuinely believe you will not ever see anything like this again, in our rest, like in the, for the rest of our human life, it's wild, to say the least, like you understand 1000s of units on new builds are selling out within minutes of them opening up minutes. I want you to think about that minutes. Some people are trying to figure how to sell one house in a year. They're they're going, they're selling 1000s in minutes. You know what I mean? So I want you to get out here, I want you to experience it. You know, we stayed. Well, I'll tell you next week where we're staying and stuff because I don't want to share all that data yet. But we're here. These are beautiful resorts. The Atlantis down the street is amazing. They got the aquarium, we took the kids to the aquarium, they got the world's largest park, world's largest buffets. I mean, all this stuff is in everything's the largest the world. We went to the Louvre over in Abu Dhabi, they're building another building, I forget what it's called.

Now another museum. Man, I should know this name. It's out of California as well, but $2.5 billion to develop it. There's like five or six of these going on at the same time. And then the Ferrari World, they gotta see world, they got all I mean, get your butt here is what I'm saying. To expand your brain, expand your mind, I want you to come in with goggles, the lens of abundance, like just expand your brain. And when you do that, you start looking at how small you've been playing, you start realizing that there's a lot bigger world out there. Because when you're watching TV, and you're like the sheikh buys a $700 million yacht, you're like, oh my god, how's that possible? Well, when you come here, you'll see how it's possible, right? It's like, Oh, my God, when this guy buys a $50 million house, that's a dream. Well, maybe. But when you come here, you'll realize that he has eight of those houses around the world. And he's only here two weeks a year. And you'll realize how it's possible, why they're doing it. Right?

Because that $50 million house today is where 75,000,003 years from now, potentially. Right? So it's a placement of cash, they park some cash, it's an investment play, they have lots of cash flowing around, they probably forget this might blow your mind. They might forget more than they own. Like they know they have a couple of houses, they don't know how many they have. They don't know the addresses of them all. And I'm kind of at that a little scale. But at this scale, it's a different animal. Right? I just got a message actually from a lawyer today. True story is that, hey, you have a code violation on our property. We didn't even know we owned it. And we've owned it since 2001. Right? So I had to go back and forth with a couple of people on the team. One of our companies owns it, we didn't even know it. True story. These are these are real, real problems over here. So I want you to think about this. How are you trying to scale? Are you building your company in your zip code? Are you building your company in multiple zip codes in your community? Are you building your company in the state? Are you building the company in the country?

33:23 Are you going international? There's a lot of things you could do. And if you think you're doing big stuff, if you're trying to understand how to grow and scale. That's why you're here on this podcast show. This is what we do every day. This is why the guys and gals are in the DM Alliance. We're talking about scaling. We're talking about growing, we're talking about expanding. But I can promise you this, you will never expand bigger than you ever. You must knowledge up you must educate yourself. You must get around other people to borrow their belief to see what's possible to mimic what they're doing. A lot of you guys, what's funny is that some people are trying to model what Jeff Bezos does. He's too big for you. Even here, even me like I've never tried to model a guy like Jeff Bezos. It's too far in advance. It's too he has too many resources to be able to follow him to be able to mimic him. We can't move like him. The truth is, we are much more nimble, we can move faster.

He's a ginormous ship. We're a small little boat speed boat, right? We can make moves quicker, bigger, we can go out and pop 500% This year, he can't do that in Amazon, right? He's just too big. If he gets a 20 30% steady growth, that's what they're shooting for. But there's certain things that small companies we can do as we evolve and make bigger decisions with the right people. We can really see massive growth and eventually get to that level. But that's not shit that happens overnight. This is a process but I can tell you this if you're trying to mold someone wait model someone way to bigger than you. You're hurting yourself because it's not possible. They're too far out of the lens or too far out of the realm, you got to get closer to someone that's a little bit closer to you. So you can get in the game and understand the moves they're making. That's why I share with you guys, I'm in the trenches with you. I'm growing with you.

I'm growing multiple organizations at the same exact time and multiple verticals. I know what it takes to succeed in the game of growth. But again, that's why people invest in the DM Alliance, it's 1000 a month, it's a steal. One deal could pay for this many times over. One contract could pay for this many times over. I don't care what business you're in. But again, we meet every week, every Wednesday at 12 noon, even when I'm in Dubai, it's nine o'clock at night when I'm sharing the show there and doing a live. But we're asking questions. We're answering questions, we're helping people grow and build real businesses at another level. So it's really cool to see another thing. By the way, before I move on, if the DM Alliance interest you message me on Instagram at Mark Evans, DM, and just say DM Alliance, dash podcast, and then I'll hook you up, I'll have a conversation with you see what's going on and see if it's a good fit. Again, it's Mark Evans, DM on Instagram. And then just message me, podcast, dash DM Alliance.

So I know what you're up to. I want to share something with you here. One more thing here. And this is a big one. Ready? Do you own things? Or does the things own you? We said again, do you own things? Or does things own you? I'm talking like stuff and time is it sometimes we could build this massive business or start growing, and we just start spending recklessly we start buying houses we don't need, we start buying cars we don't really care about we don't need, we start buying just stuff to buy stuff to fill up a cup. And then you realize, shit, I gotta take care of it, I got taxes, I got an insurance, I got maintenance. Like all these things cost money. That's where I see a lot of people get in trouble is they have the money to buy it. But they don't have the plan to take care of it on a monthly basis. Right. So when I'm purchasing something, I'm always asking myself, let's say if it costs five grand a month to manage it, you know, maybe you're buying a property and you got landscaping, you got clean or whatever, it's gonna take five grand a month plus taxes, insurance and all this, right? So it's called Five G's a month, you need to be buying it with cash or small amount of leverage.

And then you need to understand, hey, for five, what can I create? Or what can I build, to generate an extra five or 710 grand a month to be able to support this new thing. This is how you own things and they don't own you see, the problem is when you get upside down on all this shit, just stuff. When you get upside down on it, you actually become a slave to the stuff. And then now you have to do work you don't want to do but you have to. Now you work with people you don't necessarily like but you have to. Because you have bills you have you cannot lose face, you got people to pay, you got bills to pay, and you don't want to let it all collapse. And it brings me to time, you know, do you own time, or just time on you.

And the problem is when you acquire all this stuff, and then owned you, you've lost everything, actually, you're really working towards time freedom. And that's what real money can buy you. So don't get confused on the journey of growth, that it's just about acquiring stuff, the biggest thing I want you to acquire is enough wealth, to acquire the abundant amount of time that you have while you're on planet Earth to be able to do whatever you want, with whoever you want. Anytime you want. I want you to be the guy or gal walking around town and your fucking slippers at three o'clock in the afternoon. With your goofy sunglasses and your hat sideways, and your kids play and you're playing with the kids. And people are like, What the hell does this person do all day? How are they able to do this? That's what I want for you. I want you to have the time freedom to be able to make this trip. Like you're hanging out with the family. You're talking to dinner tonight. And tomorrow morning, you're off on a trip for the next 710 2040 days. Because you have total time freedom. See, you can ask anybody that knows me.

I personally very ultra rarely have a very stacked calendar booked out in advance. I don't like it. I've busted my ass for almost 28 years of my life to get time freedom. And the last thing I want is some dipshit said Hey man, can we meet April 13 At two o'clock in the afternoon, motherfucker, text me April 12. And if I'm available, I'll talk if not we'll make it for the day after but when you're I don't book stuff out like that, because I don't plan that far in advance. That's me. That's my personality, though if your opposite cool, but I am in the game of life for time, freedom. I'm hanging out here on day seven, hanging out with my family, getting ready to be done with this podcast show, send it to my editors to send it out to you. And I'm awful. And I'm off doing my thing. I'm doing one to many. I'm working once I eat now. And it's going out to hundreds of 1000s Millions of people available. Think about this. What are you doing with your time to multiply it? I want you to stop, I want you to think I want you to thought audit on what you can improve, who you can hire, what you can eliminate what you can enhance, and get very resourceful. Because in 2024, I want this to be the year of your biggest growth of your human life as an independent individual.

And if you become a massive grower, as an individual, everything else that you're involved with will grow. I don't want you to chase in 32 things I want you chasing one thing. And that's growth and time freedom for yourself. You will gain so much insight about how you're making moves. Are you reactive or proactive? Are you building out of fear? Are you building out of confidence? Confidence? Where are you coming from? Why are you thinking this way? Who's planting the seeds in your mind? Who's your friends, who's your new friends going to be? Today I'm getting ready to meet a pretty high level guy. Another guy. He's done billions. And I think they last year they did 10 billion in deals 10 billion. And he's excited and honored to meet me as well as I am with him. But there's some opportunities I've never seen before. Like I said, I've been in the game, almost 28 years. This isn't shiny object syndrome, again, when you get here. And Dubai and by the way, guys, if you listen to my voice, and you're going to come to Dubai in the next three years, please shoot me a message at Mark Evans, DM and IG and let me know say Dubai dash podcast, because I can hook you up with some amazing people. But possibly if you're cool. But I want you to realize this, the world is your oyster, you are never going to outgrow yourself.

You must constantly be growing, connecting. Most importantly, connecting with yourself. Understanding how you're moving, why you're moving and what you're doing it for. I know there's people that make a lot more money than me out here that have a lot of time that don't have a lot of time. I'm not trying to be them. I'm trying to play my game. Time freedoms my game. And I have a number that I always need, or to be shooting for. Like what is your number? What number do you need in the bank? What number do you need coming in daily, weekly, hourly, monthly, yearly, whatever, to give you ultimate time freedom. You know what's crazy, most of you listening to my voice may already have it. You've just never sit down and thought about it and looked at it and understood what you're really chasing. Because you're trying to be cool. You're trying to do what everyone else is saying and doing. I always hear these people grind, hustle harder, blah, blah, blah.

43:20 Do you know the only person that knows you stay in your office late, that gets up early and doesn't see your kids and do all this shit. 20 years from now you know who it is? Your children. They're the only ones that know you did that. No one else gives two fucks about you. So I want you to get very serious about why you're doing all this stupid shit. Why you're building these crazy, wild fun businesses. I'm not saying you should stop all this stuff. I'm just saying you need to be aware of how you're building it. Why you're building it? What you're building? Is it adding to your life or taking away from your life? Depending on what season you're in? Are you married, not married? single, divorced, children, no children, all these things have different components. What do you ultimately want? I would start reverse engineering. My plan today was not where I'm at. But more importantly with what I want. And I started asking myself, okay, that's what I want. Now let's see what I have.

And let me see how I can get to where I want with what I have. And oftentimes that might mean eliminating, cutting, enhancing growing certain things, and all of the above. Once we hunker down and get real serious with this game, it starts getting very fun, because now you have a path. Now the shiny object syndrome is get a little bit more reduced because you're very clear and focused. And when you're focused, you're confident and when you're confident you get results. I want you to know I'm rooting for you. I'm your biggest fan. I know you can do it. It won't be easy, but it will be be worth it. So I got to sign off here from beautiful Dubai get out and hang out with my family. I appreciate you being here share the show have a great day thinking about you

45:13 I'm here to help and to discover freedom no question Warren Kevin's when he stepped in the Dow was a deal maker a deal maker not just the deal maker dream maker the journey where it's all about the process and the project was a while ago so I know how we come from a lot of money I remember as a kid wanting to make money pregnancy no one making more than graduated high school with a 1.8 and to me my principles and teachings are alive is to witness this somehow you're running to a big businesses walk away from me. I've been called to help people just like everybody chasing the money but I'm not chasing the money chasing the purpose or getting my or that's where we add isn't gonna get us where we want to go to Busch comm to learn come to what I know and discover freedom, no question was Gibbons when he stepped into dow tell them what to do. I'm Sam. I'm a deal maker, a deal maker. Just a deal maker. Dream. The journeys where it's all about the process and the project a market is the deal maker project

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