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In today’s episode, we’re rolling out the red carpet for Rachelle Morris whose powerhouse presence in venture capital is as commanding as her advocacy for women’s rights. As she balances a high-stakes career with her passion for social change, Rachelle is here to share her playbook on climbing corporate ladders and sparking societal revolutions.… READ MORE

Get ready to shatter the glass ceiling with Lisa Brown on the latest episode of Fearless Females. Step into the high-powered shoes of a woman who is boldly redefining success, balancing boardrooms with bedtime stories, as the income-earner with a stay-at-home hubby.… READ MORE

Strap in for a power-packed episode of Fearless Females as Lori sits down with Gargi Chaudhuri. Discover her extraordinary leap from a small Indian town to the charging bull of Wall Street, where she shattered ceilings and constructed ladders for aspiring women in finance.… READ MORE

In this episode, Lorie dives into the trenches of the engineering world, a field where women continue to be vastly underrepresented. Laycee, with her 23 years in the industry, challenges the status quo, from overcoming gender bias to achieving national recognition for her landmark projects.… READ MORE

Gear up for an exhilarating episode of “Fearless Females” where we crack the code of work-life harmony with Mikell Wilcox! With a bold 32-hour workweek, she’s not just balancing books; she’s balancing lives, championing a corporate culture where time for hobbies isn’t a luxury – it’s the norm.… READ MORE

In today’s episode, we’re unpacking wisdom with Kim Collins, a titan in the financial compliance world. Together, we’ll explore Kim’s transformative journey from a young challenger in a male-dominated industry to a respected business leader and mentor.… READ MORE

Welcome to Fearless Females – the podcast designed to inspire and guide young women forging their paths in traditionally male-dominated industries. Your host, Lorie Jones, President at Fidelis Wealth Advisors, is here to kindle the flames of ambition and resilience in every 20-something listener.… READ MORE

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