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Building a business can be hard, especially in the beginning.
There are bills to be paid, clients to be served and if you’re new at this, you also have to grow into the mindset of a successful entrepreneur.
Many of the challenges financial advisors face are caused by 4 phrases they tell themselves and others.READ MORE

Many holistic practitioners like to talk about the universe giving them something or about putting their intentions into the universe.
All of that might sound nice, but the truth is: The universe doesn’t really care all that much and it’s you who has to make things happen.READ MORE

Learning how to save money is a big part of living a ‘rich life,’ but it’s not about just aimlessly tucking money away in a piggy bank under your bed! Instead, it’s about good goal setting and practical systems.READ MORE

SUBJECT:  Is you brain still running version 2.0? Here’s how to upgrade…
Some thought provoking ideas in this interview.
For one, why it’s time to upgrade your brain operating system.
And that addiction isn’t a disease.READ MORE

Is energy the missing link to peak performance?
As Entrepreneurs, we all know too well the meaning of burning the candle at both ends.
Stress, overload, uncertainty and even social isolation. We know all of this can lead to a destructive downward spiral and a sudden slump in energy.  READ MORE

Growing a successful REI business usually takes longer than expected.  You realize it takes more than copying what others do. You realize marketing isn’t as easy as 1-2-3.
When that happens, it’s easy to lose hope.READ MORE

The difference between an Entrepreneur and a successful Entrepreneur is quite substantial.
Everybody thinks they’ve got the next game-changing idea, and that they’re going to become the next Jeff Bezos or Mark Zuckerberg.READ MORE

One of the most fulfilling aspects of life is the ability to pursue a purpose. Being passionate about what you do each day gives you clarity and energy in all aspects of your life. And no matter what you might be juggling on a given day, we are all wired for a sense of mission.READ MORE

Wow! I seriously can’t believe this week was episode #200 of the Thrive by Design Podcast!
I started this show because I wanted to serve the jewelry community in a bigger way.
This work means the world to me…
Back in the 90’s when I was starting out, there wasn’t anything like this!… READ MORE

As a financial advisor who does great work for his clients, you probably want to help more and more people get a great return on their money—and make more money yourself.
Referrals from current clients are one of the most popular ways of attracting new leads.READ MORE

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