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Imagine going through your day without a set of values guiding your behavior. The slightest temptation can blow you off course at any given time.
When we don’t live by a particular set of values, our conduct will fluctuate and become inconsistent.… READ MORE

There is a difference between being a manager and being a leader.
A manager takes responsibility for metrics and calculable results.
This is – to some extent – also part of being a leader, since daily operations and reaching objective goals are crucial.… READ MORE

Men feel like they lack true purpose and meaning in their relationships.
Dating apps and most dating advice promote short-term dating strategies that only work on immature women. These strategies leave men without meaning, purpose, and true connection when they try to settle down.… READ MORE

All of your problems—whether they’re massive or tiny—are the result of vagueness in some way, shape, or form. And boy, is that a powerful realization.
Because by getting real with yourself and removing the vagueness from the stories you tell yourself, you can free yourself from your depression, your trauma, your addictions, and anything else that’s sabotaging your quality of life.… READ MORE

Show Highlights Include:

How the middle class loses 30-40% of their wealth by the time they retire (and how you can prevent that.)  (2:39)
Why investing by yourself is secretly eroding your wealth (4:43)
How to identify if a company’s stock price is overvalued (5:38)
Avoid this “FSTP investing” trap that sets up 99% of middle-class investors to fail (7:01)
The wrong way to diversify that even professional investors are guilty of (and how you can safeguard your investments properly.) (7:29)
The “Familiarity Bias” pothole that even experienced investors fall victim to (9:31)
Why do-it-yourself investing is costing you a fortune over time (and how you can save time and grow your wealth without lifting a finger) (18:16)
How you can hire a fiduciary advisor today for 6 months of free service (20:25)

The Fed is all over the place. They say one thing, but then they go ahead and do another.
They facilitated wasteful (and useless) government spending during the pandemic. How? By effectively printing up money for the deficit upon demand.… READ MORE

Real estate construction costs have gone through the roof!  With inflation hitting every sector, real estate investors are feeling the pinch as their profits are being slashed.
The solution to these high construction prices is simple…
Use technology to deflate the cost of construction. … READ MORE

The holidays are over, and 2023 is already in full swing.
This means two things:

Even though 2022 is over, it’s still impacting our plans to protect our wealth, health and relationships.
This year will bring its own financial challenges along with opportunities we can take advantage of.… READ MORE

The biggest human emotional driver is money.  This can destroy families and ultimately people’s lives if not mastered.
This is especially true when people buy cars and houses that they can’t afford.… READ MORE

As we progress in our careers from office newbies to seasoned leaders, we face the challenge of updating our look to keep up with the image we want to project to the world.
It can all be confusing: trying to understand your style and what it means for your personal brand, and at the same time wearing what makes you feel confident and look good.… READ MORE

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