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How much are you paying right now for your insurance premiums?
There’s a 95% chance it’s too much. Because 95% of physicians are unaware they can reduce how much they have to pay in premiums on their coverage.… READ MORE

The future of real estate is changing with technology finally catching up.  With anything that technology touches, it leads to more efficiency.  This scares many as old ways of doing things become obsolete and real estate investors fear losing profits.… READ MORE

When you saw the title, did you think…
“Why would somebody pay me money for that? I don’t see how I’m worth that much?”
Most of the people I speak to feel like this — me included sometimes. But everybody has a skill they can sell — and charge a handsome amount of money for it at the same time.… READ MORE

While all the gurus on Instagram like to pound their chest about “being busy”…
They never post the true reason why somebody’s a millionaire — or billionaire:
Simple? Yes.… READ MORE

Investing is simple.
You acquire assets to profit from their increase in value.
Yet, so many people overcomplicate it, and change their strategy whenever they feel uneasy about the markets.
The result?… READ MORE

This is part one of a four part series on “Getting what you want.” And #1 on the list is to live healthier and feel better…which makes sense because a healthy lifestyle helps us feel vibrant and energized so we can contribute in meaningful ways to ourselves, our families and our careers.… READ MORE

Have you ever felt frozen by the guilt of your failures?
Guilt strikes all of us from time to time. But for a business owner, it can become your worst enemy.
It prevents you from progressing in your business… which leads to failure.… READ MORE

You’ve heard me say before that email marketing is the #1 most effective appointment-setting strategy I’ve ever seen for financial advisors.
But how do you build your email list in the first place?… READ MORE

How would you feel turning your annual income into your monthly income?
Say you make $60k/yr and it turns to $60k/month, what would happen? More vacations? More resources to support the family? More freedom?… READ MORE

Imagine pulling an extra 6 figures of cold hard cash this year.
And imagine you earned it…
Without working for someone else…
Without starting a risky business…
And without paying a dime!
Now stop imagining.… READ MORE

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