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If you own a local business, there’s a good chance you’ll run into one (or all) of these three problems in your lifetime.
Problem 1: you can’t get any customers because nobody knows who you are.… READ MORE

Most people lead their lives with their mind, not their heart. This causes unnecessary stress, worry, and anxiety.
Because your heart sends signals to your mind, and your mind makes up negative stories about whatever your heart’s sending you.… READ MORE

Every day, you see middle-class investors putting their hard-earned money into the stock market, only to get burned by the whims of the rich.
It’s because they follow bogus advice, thinking they are getting the best deal when in fact they’re getting the worst.… READ MORE

We all face barriers on the road to achieving what we want. Some barriers are external. There are things in the way. Some barriers are internal. Our inner dialogue can be self-limiting. It’s a sad reality that in 2023 women still face more external barriers than men do.… READ MORE

There are 3.9 billion women in the world.
And trying to attract every single one of them is damn near impossible. But when men optimize their Tinder profile for short-term hookups, that’s what happens — they’re making themselves “mass-market” to attract women.… READ MORE

You owe the US Government $519,000.
That’s how much you (and every other American) needs to pay in order to bring down Uncle Sam’s debt. What’s even crazier is this:
According to retirement expert Ed Slott, the Federal government can increase their percentage of your savings whenever they need more money — and that day is coming soon.… READ MORE

A lot of veterans like to think:
“Real estate requires too much time and money to get started. Plus, if another crash happens, I’ll lose everything!”
Here’s the reality:
Not all investment methods are created equally.… READ MORE

Most people get into real estate investing and try to do everything on their own.  They try to find their own deals, put in their own money and even try to do the “sweat” work all by themselves.
This is a recipe for disaster and burnout.… READ MORE

Imagine the day you retire.
You’ve been working and investing for years leading up to this point.
Not just money, but also countless hours went into planning and setting up your retirement plans.
Just for the market to crash as soon as you retire.… READ MORE

You’ve probably taken vitamin, protein or magnesium supplements before. Those are great for your health, but there’s an invisible aspect of our health most people ignore: Our gut biome.
The trillions of bacteria in your body control more of how we feel, think and perform than most of us know.… READ MORE

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