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When you look at the changing real estate market, what do you see? Maybe you blame your lack of leads, deals and money on the change. If you’re growing right now, you might attribute your success to the change.… READ MORE

Roughly 18% of the U.S. population suffers from crippling anxiety, and a much larger percentage deals with anxiety on some level. You may even struggle with this yourself.
It can be difficult to be around people who are experiencing anxiety without being at risk of internalizing some of that anxiety as your own…
Unless you know how to prevent it.… READ MORE

In this episode, you’ll discover:

What’s conspiracy theory, what’s conspiracy fact? Here’s the behind-the-scenes truth. (1:51)
How corporations legalize their crimes to profit more off of you.… READ MORE

Highlights from this episode include:

The main reason that trying to talk your way into a sale guarantees your failure (2:11)
Not a smooth-talking salesperson? Doing these 2 things will help you make more sales anyway!… READ MORE

There’s a certain “law” to success.
The trouble is, only the successful people understand and leverage this “law.”
Until today.
In today’s episode, I’m shattering the mold and sharing with you the most powerful law of success I know…
Show Highlights Include:

The single biggest mistake you’re making in your business (3:03)
How to pinpoint exactly what gives you the most bang for your buck in your business (3:50)
The brain dead simple way to expand your mind (5:09)
A fail-proof, 3-step sequence for picking the right mastermind that prevents you from flushing thousands of dollars down the drain (7:08)
The absolute worst type of conferences you could attend that all but guarantees you won’t see a return-on-investment (10:34)
The secret only successful people know about becoming successful (13:06)
How to unlock the full super powers of masterminds that nobody ever talks about (20:16)
How to lose everything and get it back (and more) in 3 months or less (22:26)

Are you a highly-driven dad who needs help creating your legacy?… READ MORE

You’re probably a knowledgeable, effective and trustworthy financial advisor. You know you’ll take good care of your clients’ capital.
But even with all your skills, you can’t afford to be boring.… READ MORE

It’s easy to get jealous on social media: Everybody’s sipping Mai Tai’s on the beach, financially independent and nobody cares that guac costs extra. Meanwhile, you’re saving your money, planning for emergencies and controlling your spending.… READ MORE

You want to help your patients remove their pain and see their smiles when they leave your practice.
But all too often, chiropractors get treated like second rate doctors from people who don’t know any better.… READ MORE

Have you ever been in a situation where someone else “triggered” you? It probably left you feeling angry or frustrated for the rest of the day. The problem with that is, when it happens, it winds up stealing all your time and energy from more productive tasks.… READ MORE

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