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No one is surprised when someone goes to college, graduates and becomes successful in life.
This gives the misleading impression that only college graduates can have a successful business career.
If you drop out of college, you bury your opportunities.… READ MORE

When I moved into my apartment, I didn’t have gas or electricity.
That meant no hot showers — I was taking cold showers before it was cool! The apartment was so small, I could take an ice cold shower, warm up a frozen tv dinner, and use the toilet at the exact same time.… READ MORE

As a trainee, it can be tough to budget for disability coverage.
But here’s the thing: waiting to get coverage is like playing a risky game with your finances.
Think about it – the longer you wait, the higher the interest rates on your coverage will be.… READ MORE

Most real estate investors hear the same, played out advice:
Focus on one thing to be exceptional in the marketplace.
But will narrowing your focus get you ahead quickly, or are you leaving money on the table?… READ MORE

So many of us want to be more productive.
Because most of us live in a chronic state of affairs in which we have too much to do and not enough time to do it. Staring down our never-ending list makes us feel like we’ll never catch a break…we’re just destined to run on this treadmill forever.… READ MORE

Why does the school system teach us a whole bunch of random subjects that we’ll never use in our lives?
For a large majority, this leads to boredom and self esteem issues when they don’t fit in.
The hard to accept truth is that the school system teaches us to be good employees.… READ MORE

Sure, making money is great. But what if you could use your business to change the world?
I’m not talking about cheap tricks like “we donate 1% of profits to charity”.
I’m talking about real changes you can see, like saving the rainforests, sheltering the homeless, and feeding the hungry… all while maintaining a healthy profit.… READ MORE

As a financial advisor, there may be one aspect to your “financial health” that you’re completely neglecting. In fact, most financial advisors don’t even consider it a part of their finances, but it trumps all other forms of finances.… READ MORE

Starting out as a coach is never easy.
No past experience. Little confidence. Uncertainty about whether people would pay you to coach them
But there is – not just one person, but a bunch of people eager to hand you cash in exchange for what you know.… READ MORE

Public speaking isn’t something we’re born with. A lack of confidence can make or break you when presenting to clients.
Instead of appearing cool, calm, and collected, you could appear incompetent and unprofessional — and they could seek another service provider asap.… READ MORE

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