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In this episode, the Ison Brothers are navigating the often-overlooked complexities of FAA Color Vision Standards. Discover the critical role color vision plays in your pilot’s journey.
The Ison Brothers are here to guide you through the maze of medical exams and what it means for pilots dancing on the edge of color vision limitations.… READ MORE

Hi Aviators – in this week’s episode The Ison Brothers are tackling what feels like a minefield: staying on the right side of the FAA’s rules when it comes to substances and keeping your medical certificate clean.… READ MORE

Gear up for another journey into the skies of justice on this episode of The Pilot Lawyer with The Ison Brothers. We’re joined by the sharp-witted VA Benefits Attorney Derek Debus, who’s here to decode the mysteries of FAA Medical certifications and VA benefits.… READ MORE

In this episode, the Ison Brothers unravel the complexities of FAA medical certification, with a special focus on vertigo.
With their signature wit and expertise, they crack the code on obtaining a medical certificate with a history of vertigo, navigating the FAA’s defined categories for this condition.… READ MORE

Join The Ison Brothers as they decode the FAA’s guidelines, share critical tips for a clear bill of health, and offer straight-from-the-cockpit insights on bouncing back to the pilot’s seat post-heart attack.… READ MORE

This week we’re hitting max throttle to decode the mysteries of FAA Medical Certification for pilots with high blood pressure. Join the Ison crew as they dissect the FAA’s enigmatic “CACI criteria,” share pilot hypertension horror stories, and equip you with the survival kit you need for your next medical exam.… READ MORE

This high-altitude episode of The Pilot Lawyer – Ison Brothers takes you into the eye of the storm with a deep insight into the FAA’s Medical Certificate maze when it comes to navigating migraines.… READ MORE

Buckle up for a wild ride with The Pilot Lawyer’s Ison brothers as they tackle the FAA medical certification with kidney stones. They discuss the implications of kidney stones for pilots, from the possibility of getting a kidney stone to navigating the FAA medical certification process.… READ MORE

Today, our in-flight discussion revolves around conquering FAA Medical Certification challenges for pilots with asthma. The Ison Brothers will guide us through the regulatory haze, from special issuance waivers to “CACI qualifications” for keeping your wings with asthma.… READ MORE

In this episode, we’re here to dish out insights and advice on FAA Medical Certification – this time tackling the ever-sensitive subject of PTSD.
This episode isn’t just about the challenges – we’ll chat about how PTSD cases are nuanced and don’t necessarily dash hopes of keeping that medical certificate.… READ MORE

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