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Pilots that are going through the medical certificate process usually are sweating buckets.
Their whole career is literally on the line. One bad medical condition and they are grounded for the rest of their lives.… READ MORE

The FAA just released a new standard for pilots with a history of ADHD.
Guess what? It’s still as complicated as the previous one.
Most pilots try to navigate these complicated forms by themselves.
The risk of doing this?… READ MORE

Your sleep—or lack thereof—can prevent you from flying and being able to support your family.
But the worst part?
The worst part is that you may never even think obstructive sleep apnea is a risk factor for grounding you!… READ MORE

The FAA maintains a strong watch to uphold aviation rules, and for a good reason – they oversee public safety.
As a pilot, you understand the gravity of this trust.
But if you’re grappling with recurring mental health conditions, the path to your medical certificate seems impossible.… READ MORE

Neuropsychology helps us understand how our brains think and act.
The FAA keeps tabs on your brain with strict guidelines that ensure seamless flights through our skies.
Unfortunately, you break any of them, and you won’t be able to fly ever again.… READ MORE

The FAA is the guardians of the sky.
Their high standards with brain health can keep you grounded for a long time.
They have neurologists on board as advisors to help them identify cognitive issues of pilots.… READ MORE

As unfair as it sounds, it can get a lot more difficult to get a medical certification with the FAA if you’re a veteran.
Because you’re fighting on two fronts.
Not only do you need to get past the FAA’s regulations, but the VA stands in your way just as much.… READ MORE

The FAA exists to ensure public safety.
This is why they always have their eyes and ears wide open.
Their strict rules and regulations can make even the perfect pilot go crazy.
As a pilot, if you break any of their rules, you can say goodbye to your license and your ability to fly.… READ MORE

Learning how to fly was probably easier compared to dealing with the FAA.
It’s frustrating to spend years in school for flying and then not be able to fly due to medical certification issues.
But here’s the good news…
Not all pilots have to go through the whole process of getting a traditional medical certificate.… READ MORE

SSRIs are an antidepressant. If you are just an average person taking it, no one seems to care.
But, if you are a pilot and trying to fly, sirens start shouting at the FAA offices. Because the FAA considers this a “serious” medical condition, and it has impacted many pilots’ ability to fly.… READ MORE

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