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Highlights from this episode include:

The question you must ask yourself before you can get anyone else to trust you (2:31)
This is the reason you’re stressed out, stuck, and no one trusts you (3:00)
These specific types of conversations are the key to building the trust that leads to the sale (5:38)
Focusing on these three factors will create more engagement than anything else you can do (6:56)
Adding this to all your marketing convinces people to buy more than anything else you say (8:00)

Chasing clients sucks. If your skeptical prospects object at every word you say, you’ll not only stay broke, you’ll also hate your work.
The alternative? Attract leads who specifically want you, not just any advisor.… READ MORE

Are you saying, “Yes” too much?
Tom Kelly joins me to share why your “yesses” could be killing your business and your spirit.

How you heart can power your business
Why saying “yes” too much could be hurting you
Money can’t buy you this…
What you feed your brain matters more than you think
How doing little things will lead to your biggest breakthroughs

All that and more on The Daily Bread Project today.… READ MORE

Want a simple hack you can use to… Stay Positive?
On today’s show Paul Forchione from the Actions and Limits podcast joins me to share:

Why being thankful makes you powerful
A simple (and fun) way to stay positive no matter what kind of day you’re having
When panic strikes – take a moment and do this to snap out of it
Why data will keep you away from drama
The secret to making “bread” even when the stuff hits the fan
How being selfish can show people you really care about them
The 5 second rule to get out of a rut
Need a change?… READ MORE

Now more than ever you need… Hope.
On today’s show Cherylanne Skolnicki from the “Brilliant Balance” show joins me to share:

Power practices you can use to own your day
How you can tap into the source of unlimited power
Why your possibilities are endless
How to show up as a leader in these crazy times
This one thing is in demand and harder to find than ever.… READ MORE

Whatever plans you had for your practice are cancelled, delayed or at least radically changed.
With all this craziness, it’s easy to stop until the crisis is over. Don’t. You’ll lose momentum, patient relationships and cash reserves.… READ MORE

Show highlights include:

How eating an entire bag of pretzels in one sitting can make you healthier (1:40)
Did you know that over 90% of this plant grown in the United States and used in your favorite snacks are genetically-modified?… READ MORE

In this episode, you’ll learn…

This one little thing causes more destruction to your relationships than anything else (2:42)
How to save your marriage in 10 minutes or less (3:31)
Couples who do this together have a stronger and more fulfilling relationship (3:58)
The case against putting your kids first (4:59)
The single best (and cheapest) date idea ever (6:02)
In a heated argument with your spouse?… READ MORE

Is “worry” a real thing?
Is it something made up?
Today Anthony Metivier joins me to say, “Worry doesn’t exist.”
Not only that, he also shares:

The secret to never being thirsty again
How to tap into your flow state on demand
The Great Depression Destroyer
Why you need to C.A.R.E.… READ MORE

Life tempts us with all sorts of poison. Whether it comes from relationships, business deals, bad news, or any other negative event.
But drinking the poison itself isn’t the cause of all turmoil and destruction in our lives.… READ MORE

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