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As a financial advisor, one of your most important jobs is filling your business with paying clients. But that doesn’t work if your clients and prospects abandon you because you made mistakes you don’t even know about.… READ MORE

If you do content marketing, you might have realized it’s not that easy to create content that gets clicks, engagement and generates new patients for you.
The issue usually isn’t the content itself, it’s the presentation.… READ MORE

The hardest part about marketing is getting conversions.
You spend boatloads of cash on ads, but only get a tiny percentage of conversions. And there’s a reason for that.
Today, we’re explaining why this happens and teaching you a little known secret to boost your conversions.… READ MORE

If you’ve ever thought Entrepreneurs are a lot like fighters, you wouldn’t be far from the truth. To survive and thrive, Entrepreneurs must fight, persist and takedown obstacles in front of them while guarding their own body – just like a fighter would.… READ MORE

In this episode you will discover:

Why prescription sleeping pills don’t work (3:17)
Why caffeine is not your friend and could be costing you hours of sleep (6:54)
The one decision you make everyday that is creating your sleep deficit and how to avoid it starting today (7:19)
How your phone is robbing you of sleep and you’re not even trying to stop it (7:54)
The one game changer that can help you get the sleep you need (10:38)

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Struggling with the swings between emotional highs and lows? Feel like it’s impossible to balance responsibilities with your family and in your business?
In today’s episode, Ray and Christie discuss Lifeonaire, an impactful and highly-recommended book, and share some advice on discussing big decisions with your partner, how to find the stable middle ground in difficult emotional times and much more…
Show Highlights Include:

How to overcome the limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck (14:53)
To-do list causing a feeling of dread in the pit of your stomach?… READ MORE

What if everything you knew about overcoming trauma and suffering was wrong? Or worse –– it was actually prolonging your misery?
The good news is there’s something you can do about it.
In today’s episode, I explain how trying to “heal” is keeping you miserable and what to do instead.… READ MORE

In this episode you’ll learn:

Why only 3% of Americans can retire the right way (2:30)
The shocking problems that are draining your retirement accounts (2:38)
The surprising link between mental health and your retirement (3:52)
Why marital stress will keep you working until you die (5:22)
Is your largest asset destroying your retirement savings?… READ MORE

In this episode, you’ll learn…

The real reason you hit the snooze button in the morning even when you’re not tired (0:43)
Why having everything the world taught you to value leaves you unsatisfied and unfulfilled (1:03)
The “P-word” that helps you wake up bursting with energy before your alarm goes off (1:22)
The cold, hard truth about why you don’t feel alive (1:35)
How lying to yourself erodes your confidence and willpower (2:48)
Why relying on success for your happiness leaves you depressed (6:07)
The two-step formula for living a life with purpose (6:33)
How to finally figure out what you truly want out of life (7:18)
Why you’re drowning yourself in stress by not challenging yourself enough (9:27)

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If you want to become wealthy as a real estate investor, you need to scale your REI business. The only way you’ll ever accomplish that is by using leverage to get more results in less time.
How can you do that?… READ MORE

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