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Welcome back to Shift Happens. Today, Alana is sitting down with one of tech’s brightest beacons – Bhaskar Ghosh, CTO at 8VC.
From rubbing shoulders with the who’s who in Silicon Valley to sharing tea with Mother Teresa, Ghosh’s colorful journey is nothing short of extraordinary.… READ MORE

In today’s episode, we have a special guest – Ozer from Nile, a company revolutionizing the enterprise networking market.
Ozer will be shedding some light on the pain points customers face with legacy vendors and how Nile is shaking up the industry with their unique approach.… READ MORE

In this episode of Shift Happens, we dive into the controversial world of zero trust. But here’s the catch: no one really understands what it is!
Join host Alana Bernal and guest Todd Ellison, Solutions Architect at Nile as they uncover the truth behind zero trust and expose the misconceptions that organizations are falling for.… READ MORE

Leadership is tricky:
You need to lean on your team, but many leaders make costly mistakes which erode the trust and collaboration throughout their team.
If your team can’t collaborate or forces you to constantly watch over their shoulders, then you’ll never reach your potential as a team, as a business, or as a leader.… READ MORE

In the vast sea of businesses that make decent money and hold a stable position, many are doomed to fail. They lack the ability to become the “Apple” of their industry, commanding higher prices and attracting top-quality customers.… READ MORE

Welcome to Shift Happens, the podcast that takes you on a wild ride through the minds of industry shifters! We go way beyond the usual talking points to bring you a fresh and exciting perspective on the journeys taken by inspiring leaders.… READ MORE

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