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High school courses may not directly teach you how to become a millionaire. But some of the processes can be applied to increase your marketing campaigns.
When you introduce science into marketing, you break down what’s working well and what’s not.READ MORE

Internet sensations happen all the time. Some video or song or marketing ad goes viral. Instant millionaire, right? Not so fast.
So how do you become one of the most respected and highest paid consultants in your industry?READ MORE

Nobody wants to pay more for ads. But ads are necessary to generate revenue.
So how do you increase the number of happy clients while reducing your advertising costs?
The best way to do that is to create consistent high quality content that actually helps your ideal client.… READ MORE

Have you heard the business advice to “copy what works?” If you’ve ever copied a landing page, email sequence or Facebook ad, you know it’s a waste of money, time and effort.
Entrepreneurs do this because they get “funnelhacking” wrong.READ MORE

Business isn’t only a numbers game. With the ups and downs of business come emotions that influence your behavior. Are you feeling nervous about a new campaign? Does your client value your work? Is your team engaged?READ MORE

Entrepreneurs know that to succeed in business, you need leads. And it’s a lot easier to land “warm leads” who are familiar with you and your services. 
That’s why you need a Lead Magnet. This is a valuable item that attracts leads.READ MORE

You’re in business for two reasons: to help the right people, and to get paid doing it. But closing new clients can be difficult. And unless you have their best interest at heart, they won’t choose to work with you.… READ MORE

Hey coach — you’re in a competitive market. Many business coaches would love to steal your clients. And I’m sure, you’d like their clients as well.
To stay competitive and avoid customer rejection, you might feel the pressure to keep your prices low.… READ MORE

Is your business stuck in neutral while you’re looking for new clients?
Maybe you believe there isn’t enough demand for your services. Maybe you think your fees are too high, or you just don’t know what step to take next.READ MORE

When advertising on Facebook you have to make a decision: should you run a video ad, or a picture ad?
Each type of ad has its benefits. But an ad type that converts for one product might have a horrible CPC for another.READ MORE

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