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Entrepreneurs are obsessed with reaching $10K per month, so they can boast about owning a six-figure business.
But‌ people are doing far more than that. There are literally thousands of people out there making $50k per month and even some having $50k days.… READ MORE

Reflection is an essential component of success.
As entrepreneurs, we are constantly concerned with what comes next and how to keep going, but only a few of us take the time to reflect on and learn from our previous endeavors.… READ MORE

The right connections will 10X your growth in the blink of an eye.
It doesn’t matter how long it takes. When you connect with the right people, your business and other aspects of your life will significantly improve.… READ MORE

One of the major problems with coaching is how easy it is to attract bad clients.
When they come to you, they hide their red flags like skeletons in their closets. It’s only once you start working with them, you realize they turn into massive headaches.… READ MORE

Starting out as a coach is never easy.
No past experience. Little confidence. Uncertainty about whether people would pay you to coach them
But there is – not just one person, but a bunch of people eager to hand you cash in exchange for what you know.… READ MORE

10xing your income is all about 10xing your Know-How.
Don’t believe me?
Take a glance at The Profit Room, a financial company that 10xed their revenue by simply seeking more knowledge from CAU — Client Attraction University.… READ MORE

How would you feel turning your annual income into your monthly income?
Say you make $60k/yr and it turns to $60k/month, what would happen? More vacations? More resources to support the family? More freedom?… READ MORE

What would you do if you had a business that could replace your job? Or better yet, pay you more!
We all know 9-5ers who look exhausted after their day. They’re frustrated and overwhelmed. You can even see their stress lines forming.… READ MORE

The right funnel software plays a significant role in how many sales you make and how much revenue you generate.
So if you’re wondering why you’re not making enough sales despite having the perfect ads and copy, it could be because of your funnel software.… READ MORE

Leads are the soul of every business, and when the soul departs from the body, it dies, which is why many businesses are dead today and will die in the coming years.
When you see a thriving business, it’s running off unlimited leads.… READ MORE

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