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Have you ever wondered how some entrepreneurs stop at nothing to succeed while others throw in the towel? Everyone faces a bad ad campaign or criticism from a client at some point, but it’s about how you handle the lows in business that make the difference in your success.… READ MORE

If you’re anything like me, you get easily overwhelmed by the amount of ‘fluff’ in business books. Even after you pick a book, you get trapped reading hundreds of pages of storytelling just for a couple of knowledge nuggets. READ MORE

Increasing your prices can feel like an uphill battle between making more money and keeping customers. But getting people excited to pay you shouldn’t be a complicated process or negotiation.
In this episode, you’ll discover how to confidently sell at any price without losing a single client along the way. READ MORE

The wave of online entrepreneurs can sometimes feel like your business is floating quietly and unsuccessfully in a lead-less sea. But getting a consistent stream of dream clients shouldn’t depend on how many competitors are in the water (nor should you have to stress about that all the time).READ MORE

You may think there’s an ‘Ultimate Truth’ floating around that will attract dream clients instantly and bring the sustainable growth your business deserves. But thinking like a CEO doesn’t revolve around time-stealing distractions like finding that perfect life coach or seeking out the “one ring to rule them all.” 
In this episode, you’ll discover the seven small yet powerful mindset shifts to eliminate the 24/7 hustle and get your flood of money and leads running on a consistent basis. READ MORE

Do you know what business trends the top companies in the world are using to succeed this year? I’ve got you covered with the most influential reads – to put wealth back in your control and dig deeper into the role personal development plays in your business. READ MORE

The obstacles of last year made it pretty easy to put that project of yours on the back burner and wait it out. It felt like 2021 would be the year that everything would mysteriously go back to normal, but the 2020 after-party has been a dud so far.… READ MORE

Would anyone really pay $106 for a burger? Yes, they would! One of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make is pricing their services too low. This repels the clients you want to work with and attracts bargain shoppers that are more trouble than they’re worth.READ MORE

Lots of entrepreneurs online like to flex their revenue numbers (especially when they’re trying to sell you their program!). But gross income doesn’t give you the whole story.
Behind the scenes they could be completely broke!READ MORE

Virtual events are becoming more and more popular. But they can be harder to pull off than live events. When you’re not face-to-face with your customers, you have to make sure you get every piece of the event right. READ MORE

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