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Get ready for an engaging and insightful episode of the Ultra Leadership podcast. Host Greg Giuliano engages in a fascinating conversation with Tony Chimera, the Chief Talent Officer at Westfield Specialty.… READ MORE

In this episode of Ultra Leadership, Greg Giuliano sits down with Karen Clark, the Chief People Officer at Viably, for an in-depth exploration of leading change and cultivating ultra leadership.
Get ready to uncover the keys to successful organizational transformation and how to navigate the dynamic landscape of change.… READ MORE

Get ready for an insightful episode on the Ultra Leadership podcast. Greg is joined by guest, Diana Massaro, Chief Marketing Officer at Skyhigh Security. With over two decades of experience in global SaaS organizations, Diana discusses the nuances of leadership and the common mistakes of first-time leaders.… READ MORE

Navigating Change and Building Strong Teams in Cybersecurity with Ron Kuriscak
In this episode, Greg sits down with Ron Kuriscak, a cybersecurity executive and change leader with over 20 years of experience.… READ MORE

In this episode, Greg sits down with Dr. Jeremy Gartner, founder and CEO of Career Propulsion, to explore the power of taking control of your professional journey.
Dr. Gartner’s mission? Helping leaders stand out in a cutthroat job market.… READ MORE

In this episode, Greg Giuliano talks with Chad Baugh, the Chief Revenue Officer at Referwell.
Chad shares the importance of authentic, intentional leadership and the behaviors that make high-performing teams.… READ MORE

Who do you think should come first when you want feedback to grow?
Customers or Teammates?
Chances are…
You take advice only from your customers, neglecting your teammates in return.
The result?
Your company culture collapses, and nobody feels comfortable providing valuable feedback or taking the initiative to improve the organization.… READ MORE

The ONLY barrier that stops good teammates from functioning as a great team is not what you’d expect.
It’s not…
Ineffective leadership
Poor communication
Or even lack of trust
Sure those 3 play a crucial role.… READ MORE

Leading a team from afar is like trying to cook a meal without being in the kitchen. You can’t just pop over and ask what’s on the stove or if someone needs an extra spoon.
That’s why there are two key ingredients you must know to keep your remote team’s spirit flavorful and strong.… READ MORE

Do you think you could effectively lead a team, even when they’re spread across 16 different time zones?
Well, that’s where the future of leadership lies. Having a globally dispersed team helps you attract the best talent, but the best talent gets wasted without an effective leader.… READ MORE

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