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The ad systems we use are constantly evolving. If the algorithm changes and you don’t know who sees your ads and where, you risk burning your marketing budget. But when you stay on top of the big changes in online marketing, you’ve got an advantage over everyone who doesn’t know what’s going on.… READ MORE

There’s tons of online marketing strategies you can use to get more leads, deals and capital. But while people talk about SEO ranks, PPC marketing and email marketing, investors forget one thing: The power of networking.… READ MORE

Many real estate investors start their business to escape a corporate job. They hate having a boss, want to make more money and go on vacations whenever they want. They start in real estate with some experience in the business world.… READ MORE

When you’re the first investor sellers find on Google, they’re much more likely to do business with you instead of your competitors. So if you want to get free motivated seller leads online, you need to be on top of the Google search results.… READ MORE

Relying on one marketing channel is dangerous for your business: As soon as the marketing environment changes, your leads dry up and your business crumbles.
But you don’t have to. If you combine different marketing channels in your marketing strategy, you can get more leads and more deals for the long-term.… READ MORE

Most of what you hear about online marketing is technical jargon. And sure, it’s important to know where to click, how to run ads and how to measure your success.
But online marketing success starts before you open your laptop.… READ MORE

A lot of people think of investors as real estate sharks who dupe vulnerable people into working with them.
If you’re listening to this podcast, you’re probably not one of those investors. You deliver real value to people who need fast cash.… READ MORE

You can measure your marketing by CPC, impressions, likes, comments, awareness and a million other ways. But if your marketing doesn’t get you motivated seller leads, you’re wasting money.
Few investors market well enough to make the phone ring.… READ MORE

It’s easy to feel successful when you do a few deals and make more money in a week than others do in a year. And many investors have built impressive businesses that way.
But short-term deals will never set you free.… READ MORE

Marketing is the lifeblood of your business. Without it, you don’t get motivated seller leads, find no good buyers and rely on luck to make deals.
And when your marketing is working, that’s fantastic.… READ MORE

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