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In this episode, Dan and special guest Josh Culler discuss content marketing tips for real estate investors. Get ready to discover the power of video content in today’s fast-paced digital landscape and learn how to captivate your target audience.… READ MORE

In this follow-up episode, Dan Barrett continues his conversation with Dave Seymour. From weathering the storm of the real estate crash to establishing a thriving business in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dave shares valuable insights and lessons learned.… READ MORE

In this episode, Dan chats with real estate maestro Dave Seymour. You’ll hear about Dave’s amazing journey from firefighter to successful business owner, facing tough times and coming out on top in the real estate world.… READ MORE

If you do what everyone else is doing, your best case scenario is getting the exact same results as them (probably worse than them, if we’re honest). But if you want to dominate your market, you have to do better.… READ MORE

Since you began your investing business, you’ve probably noticed that today’s economy changes at such a rapid pace that it’s hard to keep up at all.
If you don’t build the right skills, what you learn today evaporates tomorrow.… READ MORE

In the real estate investing world, many business owners dismiss the idea of creating mission and value statements. In the corporate world full of woke businesses, these statements mean nothing.
But when you don’t define your values, it’s impossible to attract the best fits for your business.… READ MORE

In a post-crisis economy, less people buy vacation homes, invest in rentals or move away from the home they know. Even if there’s still enough sellers, you can’t make money by holding onto an empty house.… READ MORE

Whether you use bandit signs, direct mail, Google AdWords or other marketing channels, there’s one thing you can’t run a business without these days: A website.
Now, different investors have different websites.… READ MORE

Have you ever been ripped off by a so-called marketing expert that promised you X, Y, and Z but gave you nothing?
Cunning self-proclaimed “experts” dupe many real estate investors into investing their hard-earned capital into their services.… READ MORE

Prepare to unlock the secret vault of financing as Dan discusses the world of credit unions on this episode of REI Marketing Nerds!
Join us as Mark Ritter, a mastermind in cooperative funding, reveals how you could snag better deals and dominate the real estate investment game.… READ MORE

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