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Providing loans for real estate Investors can be risky.
There is a chance that they might forfeit payments.  If real estate investors over leverage and hold onto non performing assets, this creates a spiral effect, which can lead to bankruptcy.… READ MORE

Most business owners give themselves a new job. They work backbreaking hours and can’t spend time with their family.
The worst part?
They get minimal profits for their efforts.
Being trapped in this situation will lead to burnout and depression.… READ MORE

As a business owner, your most profitable trait is your decision making. Consistently making the right decisions unlocks massive opportunities, growth, and wealth.
But the reverse is also true:
Making the wrong decisions without learning from your mistakes traps you in mediocrity.… READ MORE

You will always cap your growth if you don’t surround yourself with a good team. But building a team of talented people that get along with each other is difficult, especially for real estate investors.… READ MORE

Within your first few years of real estate investing, any good investor makes way more than they ever had in their life.
And a negative aspect of more income is Uncle Sam demands a much larger payday for your hard work.… READ MORE

Many of us were tricked into thinking good grades and a good job leads to happiness. While there are many valuable business lessons you can learn in the corporate world, many people feel like it sucks their soul dry.… READ MORE

What if I told you there was a massive, untapped opportunity for every real estate investor sitting right beneath your nose?
Well, good news: There is.
Better news?
This untapped opportunity has a shorter sales cycle, has less advertising competition, and many investors don’t even know about it.… READ MORE

Social media either constantly sucks up your time and devours your energy, or it unlocks the ability to multiply your impact.
Most investors are trapped in the former. Why? Because there’s a basic misunderstanding about how to use social media to grow your business and impact.… READ MORE

It’s easy to forget how powerful real estate investing is. Which is why we need a reminder every now and then.
For example, when today’s guest, Henry Washington, bought his first house, he wasn’t allowed to be on the loan.… READ MORE

One of the biggest mistakes real estate investors make is with their branding and positioning.
Most investors want to appear like a professional corporation because they think it’ll impress clients.… READ MORE

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