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Big Tech has been using your data for quite some time. And every click, conversion, and data set makes their AI smarter and more equipped online. 
Protecting your data is the only way to protect your leads in an algorithmic future.READ MORE

Every real estate investor I know wants their site to rank high on Google. In fact, in marketing circles the running joke is: 
The best place to hide a dead body is page two on Google. 
But here’s the problem: 
Search engine optimization (SEO) is especially difficult for real estate investors. READ MORE

The best real estate investors have the best processes in place. But one area where a lot of real estate investors fall short is with their marketing processes. 
When your marketing isn’t clicking on all cylinders, a bunch of deals can slip through the cracks.READ MORE

I once helped an investor make $100,000 in profit from Google Ads. But he stopped running Google Ads shortly after. This is a problem I see many successful real estate investors making. 
What causes this problem? READ MORE

In the past decade I’ve worked with real estate investors, I see one common mistake happen over and over again.
The worst part?
Not only does this mistake cost you time and money in the short-term, but it also makes your long-term success impossible.… READ MORE

Marketing on Facebook used to be straightforward. You would introduce yourself and what you do. Then a person would decide to sell to you or not. End of story.
Now, sellers need to know exactly who you are.… READ MORE

Testing fuels all online marketing. It’s the only way to consistently improve your ads and get better results. 
However, there’s one big, fat mistake real estate investors make. They extend this logic when testing marketing agencies.READ MORE

Do you ever feel stuck in business or life? The past couple of weeks have been rough for me. Nothing is going right in any area of my life. This happens to everybody — especially real estate investors.
I call this “the valley.” And it can sabotage your business if you’re not careful.… READ MORE

There are two types of real estate investors: 
Investors who think short-term and investors who think long-term. 
Short-term investors do everything in their power to squeeze every cent from their current deal.READ MORE

Most real estate investors think they’re competing against other local investors. But that’s not quite true. In reality, all local real estate investors compete against Big Tech companies in Silicon Valley. READ MORE

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