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You know what sucks about single-family real estate? Lots of moving parts. The little things eat up your time, leaving you with a poorly paid, full-time job managing these properties.
What do savvy investors do?But it doesn’t have to be this way…
Jumping into multi-family investing can maximize your returns with the least amount of effort.… READ MORE

The real estate market has its ups and downs just like every other industry.
You have times when investors make boatloads of money. And you have times when the market conditions change, and slaughter unprepared investors.… READ MORE

Novice investors love single family homes. It is an entry-level strategy for long-term wealth creation, and so easy to purchase that anyone can do it.
But what happens when the market turns?
You can be left with a property that is vacant, bearing a mortgage that you’re paying out of your own pocket.… READ MORE

Real estate investing is not for the faint of heart. It takes time to build great systems to help you grow.
Most end up burning out before they achieve their goals of freedom.
Why is that?
They don’t know how to build systems that include strong team members.… READ MORE

The market is saturated with real estate coaches claiming to be gurus after they do 2 or 3 deals. They haven’t even started to get their feet wet yet nor gone through several market cycles, but coach other investors.… READ MORE

We are in the middle of a market correction.
Every novice investor is scared and shaking in their pants. They bought properties and are holding onto it for less than they’re worth.
What are successful investors doing?… READ MORE

The real estate market changes almost every day. You have upswing markets and downswing markets.
The novice investors rely on one strategy until that strategy leaves them with a negative net worth and eventually leads them to bankruptcy.… READ MORE

Knowing your numbers can make or break your bottom line as a real estate investor. This is what separates the successful investors from the newbies.
Unsuccessful investors let small holes in their buckets eat away their profit margins or even lead them into bankruptcy.… READ MORE

American cities are going through a huge transformation. You can say goodbye to inefficient suburban areas as people choose a more efficient way of living.
This is why Americans will choose cities over suburban areas in the next 10 years.… READ MORE

You know what the most important part of real estate investing is that most investors overlook?
It’s not chasing after deals or closing them.
The most important part of real estate is data. It’s something that all amateurs neglect.… READ MORE

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