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In real estate, using smart tools can make or break your lead generation. If you don’t have an easy way to get leads, you don’t have a business, you just have a job. And a job will suck you dry until you quit from burn out.

A well-oiled lead generation system can close one deal after another.

Best part?

You don’t need to be a tech wizard to set one up. You just have to do it once, and watch the money pour in like clockwork.

In this episode, Paul Do Campo joins us again to give you a treasure map for finding high ROI deals with CRMs. Paul shows you how to make your systems do the heavy lifting, so you can sit back on the beach and collect checks.

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Show highlights include:

  • The father of internet marketing shares this money making secret for real estate investors (0:46)
  • An investor’s marketing roadmap so you never struggle for a deal again (0:59)
  • A simple step to execute every time a deal closes to bring in repeat cash flowing business (1:09)
  • How to increase the lifetime value of every customer with a simple growth hack (1:46)
  • The quick, two-second “Ask” method to make an extra 50K per year (1:56)
  • The “sequence funnel” strategy that brings you consistent revenue every month (3:44)
  • The number one recommend CRM for investors that even a child can setup (7:47)

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You're listening to the REI marketing nerds podcast, the leading resource for real estate investors who want to dominate their market online. Dan Barrett is the founder of AdWords nerds, a high tech digital agency focusing exclusively on helping real estate investors like you get more leads and deals online, outsmart your competition and live a freer, more awesome life. And now, your host, Dan Barrett.

(0:39) Hey, guys, welcome back, you're listening to the second part of last week's episode, let's jump back in.

(0:46) It's something that everybody should do. I heard this from Ken McCarthy, who people say he's like, he's the father of Internet Marketing. He says this, that every every company out there, no matter the industry that you're in, you're actually in the testimonial acquisition business. So every company I go into, in my own companies, I make sure that I have some type of procedure that asks for the testimonial asked for their views as for the video, so the very first thing that anybody can do after this call is make sure that every time they close a deal, they're at the table, or if it's virtual, whatever, they're asking for a video testimonial.

And then I have a a testimonial request type of sequence At the end that asks for a review, or whatever it is, that's part of the business, if it's just getting a video getting getting a review, or, you know, emailing in a testimonial, so they can put on their website, whatever it is, start acquiring testimonials, reviews, start asking if they know anybody else that's selling, right. So that was a big revolution for the fast food industry was asking the question, do you want fries with that, you know, to get that, that increase the lifetime value of that customer, we can do the same thing by asking you if they know anybody else that's selling, you know, likelihood of you know, it's gonna be a low percentage of people who are actually going to sell for discount.

But I mean, if you have 100 leads every year, and you ask every 100 deals every year, and you ask every single one of them, you might have two or three as an extra 3040 $50,000, just from asking that simple question. Right? So I implement that as well to all my sequence on the back end on when the deal closes type of sequences. So the follow up is just a whole holistic approach. So and I think you're you're really smart. I mean, the the three things that you just pointed out, right, which is, well, more than three things, right? But but the idea of one selling the person before the appointment, right, I think is incredibly powerful, right?

Here's what to expect, here's how we're going to show up. That kind of thing. I think the idea of like you said, testimonial acquisition, if anybody out there, you're doing search engine optimization, testimonials, or reviews on your Google My Business or whatever, those are incredibly helpful, right? So that's not just helping people be more confident when they're already in your funnel, that's also helping you get more leads in the future.

And then again, like you said, looking for anyone else who wants to sell a basic referral thing. I think that's, those are all incredibly powerful. And I think go beyond what people usually think of, for follow up, which is, hey, are you ready to sell your house? Hey, are you ready to sell your house is like over and over and over again? Right? So let me Alright, this is a total nerd question. Okay, so I'm answering your question, because there's a question that I have, right. All right. Now, I do, email, follow up. I've done that. What ends up happening though, the problem that I often run into is that I will build all these things out, and then they like, conflict with each other, they like don't connect in the right way, or you're like to it once. Are you bad, sir.

And I find that I always describe it as like, it's a rat's nest. And, and I don't know what do what it does anymore. You know, I'm always like, we got to burn it down and start over. So how do you keep your follow up sequences? organized? Right, like, how do you make sure that there are that you, for example, aren't just building another leaky bucket? Does that make sense? Right? Yeah, no, no, entirely. So yeah. And I think, to answer that question, it's twofold. One is the organization of the sequences, which is on my part, second part is going to be the usage of it, making sure they understand it.

And then three is the CRM itself, you know, how easy how functional is the CRM to turn sequences off to turn it back on. So I would design the sequences is, you know, like, simplicity is, number one. For me, I try to make sure that it's simple, easy to follow for everyone. So titling the sequences is a big deal, making sure that the title is clear cut and what it means to be in that sequence. So because, you know, I don't it's not, it's not 100% automated, I don't want it to be 100% automated because then you get a rat's rat's nest. I want it to be where the there's a lead manager who's, who has the 10,000 foot view, they see they see the lead they see okay, we're, you know, we have this eaten here, they've been here for a while, where is this person at? Okay, they're in the,

(5:04) they're in the selling delayed sequence, landlord sequence, okay, cool. You know, they, they, they do a follow up, they have a task to follow up, they get new information where they say, Hey, we sold the house, cool, we're gonna turn them off. Or they or they say, Hey, we signed with somebody else, actually, where we there's another, there's another investor that offered the offer more. Okay, cool, I'm gonna turn off the sequence that they're in, and then plug them into the new sequence. Now, it can get in that in a rat's nest. If one you don't turn off sequences, and to you tried to do everything 100% automated, which probably would be impossible to do, there would there still needs to be. So I set it up within sequence to have manual tasks, it's not 100% texts, not 100% email, there are manual tasks in there.

So that it keeps it keeps our lead manager on top of it following people, right. It'll it'll take away a lot of the manual follow up. And it'll it'll keep everything in the kind of a vertical organization to where, okay, this leads in this sequences leads in this sequences, this, this sequence. So as long as you understand like in you in the CRM has the capability to do so. You're not You're turning off one sequence, when you have something new putting them into the sequence when when something is new, as long as you're doing that.

It's not going to be a rat's nest, the only time I've had a rat's nest in my own businesses, and when I try to automate 100%, everything. So I hope that answers it. But well, that's a that's a perfect answer. And I think the A, and I think you're exactly right, that the problem largely comes from, I always want to build like the perfect clockwork, sort of thing that will just run itself. But I think, like you said, the insight of having someone whose responsibilities to just look at the thing and be like, okay, you know, now that I know this about this person, I'm going to put them over here.

I'm going to turn off that other thing. I think that's a very powerful, very insightful way of doing it. I mean, let me ask you. So I think choice of CRM is important. I think there are lot of CRMs that have the functionality that we're talking about, do you have systems that you prefer recommend that you like to work in? Do you have any recommendations for people in terms of and for people that aren't familiar, CRM stands for customer or client relationship manager, it's basically the software that you can track your leads in can often send emails out and things like that.

So what are the systems that you often recommend? Yeah, so I've worked in a my art team has worked in a handful because yeah, we don't question that getting these podcasts is are you having your own software CRM? No, we just it's a one time thing. We create the drips, we create the messaging, and then we actually plug it in, plug it into your CRM so I get firsthand look at a lot of CRMs I can only give opinion on the drip functionalities of them not like everything else. Yeah, there's a lot of bells and whistles that they do you know, sending contracts receiving contracts and adopting signing them and all that I don't have any opinion on on that part.

But on the drip, I'd say the number two CRM side that are so easy to work in when it comes to drip follow up, they have a lot of capabilities and and the company itself is really easy to work with meaning like I start develop relationships with them where I will give them advice Hey, I think this will work better for for drip follow up and they will respond and they will actually go and fix it. The number one for that component is investor fuse. There are like as far as your fault they're the oldest trying to improve and they already got a solid easy system right now. They got some some little quirks that I found that I suggested to fix and they said they're on top of it. The other one is also reassembly

(8:49) that'd be the second to that and they're they're very easy for follow up as well. Actually I thought I put them level level they they're both great recently and investor cool.
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(9:32) Yeah, I mean, I think support is a big sort of intangible right of working with a lot of these companies if you're gonna be really invested in and like look, there's lots of different software packages, lots of them will work right it's I will say like it's never a case where it's like usually it's you know, any any sort of major players gonna be able to do what you needed to do, but it's like, just like you said, What company can you form a relationship with? Get good support from those things are really, really important, especially over the long term.

(10:00) So Okay, we're coming up on time. I don't want to keep you super, super long. I have to ask you, who is your favorites? lassic copyright. There are a lot of copywriters out there, we all have our favorite, I've got my favorites, that I was like, you know, coming up as a young online marketer where I was like, This is my guy, you know, are like, Is this my gal or here or whoever? So, like, Who do you look back on and you're like, This person was a big influence on me or I still look to this person, you know, to read or to look out for examples or advice things like that, man, that's a really hard question. Because there's, yeah, copywriter training is you have your classic shag or people you look up to, right.

And so you have your swipe files, you're looking and you're reading all these classics. I'm gonna say too, and I know you said one, but I'm gonna say I'll let you I'll let you do too, because what is modern? One is modern, and the other one is more old school. Yeah. The first I would say is Joe Sugarman, and you're not going to hear that answer. You're not going to do that. And everyone's gonna say, Eugene Schwartz, which I love. A big Eugene Schwartz fan, Gary Halbert, on the big Gary, I mean, I that's up there with Joe Shermer.

I'm big Gary Halbert fan I love his newsletters my swallow it up and I and I just I tried to implement what I what I how his writing style into what I do, but I say Joe Sugarman because he is a very down to earth Joe Sugarman. He started a mail order company 50s or 60s. I don't I don't know how far back he passed away already. Just recently, actually this year last she passed away. Oh, really? Yeah, he passed away. Yeah. Yes, the book.

(11:38) Oh, my gosh. Breakers, that's one of them. But if you get his other one, which is add? I think it's called add it add words publish it or something? I don't know. But there's only like two books you can get from Joe Sugarman. Yeah. Are they available online? Anyway, he's really down to earth and the Ad Week copyrights. That's it right there. So I'd say he's most influenced, influenced speak to me just because of his plain talk type of writing. And so I really took what he what he's written in that book and applied it so you know it a year from now, if you ask that same question, it probably be something completely different.

So it really depends on what's the stage in my life in what I've been exposed to the second, I would say this, this probably this person will be you know, probably the most influential in my life is a guy by the name of Ben settle. He's, he's modern today. Right? Yeah, he's he's actually very well known in the copywriting world today. I've been a newsletter subscriber of his for years, and I'd say he's most influential me because he's one actually, that the reason why entering the copywriting and, and taught me how to write email in the way I write today.

So a lot of that some of that stuff I said, some in is in the emails that we deliver at, on the drip, it's more, it's more of the info tainment type of email style, it's not the pitch only type of email style, and it's a style that I implement in E commerce which an E commerce the whole idea in commerce is, you know, your company you're speaking in, in a, in a in a brand type of format, you're there's no personality, while one company I'm in right now. It's it's, you know, flipped that backwards where now No, we there's actual faces actual personality, and we're talking about normal things rather than just pitching a deal. You know, treating your your email list as if it's a booty call, you only you only email them when you have something to sell, rather than giving value.

And you know, I do this for for investors as well, investors can do the same thing where cash buyers, you know, the the the problem right now, if you're a cash buyer, if you're if you're looking for deals, you're gonna get into into different wholesalers lists, email lists, and you open up your inbox and you're gonna see just price reduced price reduced New Deal, New Deal. It's nothing about pitch only type of email formatting. Yeah, well, I've seen I've proven to myself or proven other companies, when you enter into a personality type of email, and you're talking about other things, rather than just presenting a new deal.

You're what starts to occur is you become the first and sometimes the only email that person opens for the day, you they read your email, you become the data, your audience member becomes a fan of it and wants to read it every day. And you become the trusted source credible source for that, whatever it is that you're selling, in that in that department. So yeah, but to answer question benstead was, what has been the most influential for me in that in that department? I love that.

Yeah, I'm not super familiar with settle, although I've heard his name. I have triggers back there, which is like one of my favorites. Those are both great. So I will link to all that stuff in the show notes, obviously. And here's the thing, folks, if you are listening to this, and you want to check this out, so it's our E I, Omni drip.com So O M Roula. We're gonna focus o MNI drip.com. And correct me if I'm wrong, Paul, but if you go there and you can kind of pop in your email, you can actually get some free

(15:00) Follow up sequences to sort of see and sort of see what this all looks like. Does that right? OPT? Absolutely. I'll give you a hand you some sequences to sequences. And you the sign with someone else sequence that's occurs when, when they exactly what it says when somebody signs another investor or they can list it as well on MLS, pop that person into that sequence. And I also give it offer to low sequence so when they express to you a your offers too low, I believe might be the landlord or something like that. But I give you those sequences, there should be emails in there as well. If not, you can be and email me.

And then there'll be a demo video. Once you enter once you subscribe, you can find a demo video that shows you like the 10,000 foot view the bird's foot view of how it all works, of how you plug in these different sequences as the seller goes down your funnel. I love that man. I think look. And again, I'll just say this again, like it's it's easy to listen to this conversation and be like, I'm not a marketer. I'm not a copywriter, I blah, blah, blah, obviously you can hire Paul and his team and they can just give you this stuff. They can customize it for you install for you all that stuff.

But I just want to say right, this is not like I said this in the beginning of the episode. It's not just like marketing nitty gritty, just for the heck of it. This is high impact stuff you can set up once and permanently improve your ROI on all of the marketing you do from this point forward. Right? It is a massive force multiplier. And the sooner you do something like this, get it set up in your business, the better it is going to be for you, Paul D'Acampo. Thank you so much for coming on the show, man. I really really appreciate it. Thank you man. I appreciate it.

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