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Generating thousands of leads with Google Ads doesn’t mean diddly if Google sends you all low-quality leads. And yet, that’s a problem many real estate investors face, especially with Google’s new algorithmic bidding function.… READ MORE

The short-term rental space has a massive amount of untapped potential.
There is no competition. Younger generations want to live a nomadic lifestyle. And today’s guest, co-founder of Techvestor, Sief Khafagi, knows how to drive 52% more occupancy than your competitors.… READ MORE

The real estate industry is archaic compared to the tech industry. That’s why former tech employees can cause massive disruptions in real estate.
In fact, that’s exactly what today’s guest, former Facebook employee turned short-term rental investor, Sief Khafagi, did.… READ MORE

Most real estate investors want more wealth and freedom. That’s why you got into investing, right? But most investors don’t know how to grow their wealth and freedom. And almost no investor knows how to grow both at the same time.… READ MORE

It’s easy to overwhelm yourself with all the latest tips and tactics for finding and closing real estate deals. You can run paid advertising campaigns, start a YouTube channel, build an email list, create a TikTok channel, and the list goes on.… READ MORE

I have good news and bad news:
The bad news is there’s a massive portion of your market that your marketing isn’t reaching. The good news is that today’s guest, Luke Charlton, shows you how to persuade this audience into buying through email.… READ MORE

There’s a big, fat mistake most real estate investors make in their advertising which results in losing 30% of your potential customers. And to add insult to injury, this mistake also devours your advertising budget.… READ MORE

Entrepreneurs love to complicate their business (even at the expense of their sanity, profits, and freedom).
Here’s a common trap entrepreneurs fall into:
They hit their peak performance month — bringing in double the amount of revenue as they normally do.… READ MORE

What if you could understand the growth trajectory, health, and blind spots of your business in a single data point?
Well, good news:
You can.
And better news:
Nothing will free up your time, skyrocket your revenue, and give you more clarity than figuring out this data point.… READ MORE

Every investor falls into the trap of real estate investing:
You imagine you can sip cocktails on the beach while making more passive income than most people’s salaries.
But here’s the problem:
It’s never that easy — unless you have systems and processes in place to grow your business without your involvement.… READ MORE

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