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There’s a big, fat mistake most real estate investors make in their advertising which results in losing 30% of your potential customers. And to add insult to injury, this mistake also devours your advertising budget.… READ MORE

Entrepreneurs love to complicate their business (even at the expense of their sanity, profits, and freedom).
Here’s a common trap entrepreneurs fall into:
They hit their peak performance month — bringing in double the amount of revenue as they normally do.… READ MORE

What if you could understand the growth trajectory, health, and blind spots of your business in a single data point?
Well, good news:
You can.
And better news:
Nothing will free up your time, skyrocket your revenue, and give you more clarity than figuring out this data point.… READ MORE

Every investor falls into the trap of real estate investing:
You imagine you can sip cocktails on the beach while making more passive income than most people’s salaries.
But here’s the problem:
It’s never that easy — unless you have systems and processes in place to grow your business without your involvement.… READ MORE

Every business decision comes with trade-offs. There is no free lunch, as economists say. But most investors think that money is the only currency.
Sure, you can make more money by doing everything yourself.… READ MORE

Most investors can get leads. Send enough postcards, mail enough letters and run enough ads—somebody will call you.
But many leads waste your time. They expect sky-high prices, don’t want to sell or don’t understand what you do.… READ MORE

Real estate seminars tell beginners that real estate will make them more money than their job while working half as much.
But for most investors, investing becomes the opposite: They’re busy all day closing a few deals per year (if any).… READ MORE

Google rolled out a new link spam update to their SEO algorithm on Jul 27, 2021. Will this new update affect your site’s rankings? 
If you were involved in manipulating Google’s algorithm by using spammy “hacks,” then your results might suffer.READ MORE

You might think the goal of making content is to grow your business. But most real estate investors end up writing hundreds of blog posts and get no deals as a result.
But generating leads and traffic isn’t about what you post, but where it ends up.READ MORE

2021 brought a lot of ruckus to both real estate investors and online advertisers. It’s been one of the most difficult years for both groups — and most real estate investors fit into both groups. READ MORE

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