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The personal touch of direct mail is something email can’t replicate. Most end up in the spam folder, ignored by potential sellers, and then you’re spending money without sending a message.
Direct mail has seen a spike in the last few years.… READ MORE

New regulations on SMS marketing are coming down the pipeline. Committing some of these “criminal” mistakes results in fines — sometimes up to tens of thousands of dollars.
That’s the bad news.… READ MORE

The 2020 crisis exposed businesses all over the world, especially real estate investing businesses. It highlighted your inefficiencies with crystal clear certainty. And caused many businesses to go belly up.… READ MORE

There are more competitors for real estate investors than ever before. Not only do you have to compete against each other, but you also have to worry about realtors and Silicon Valley-backed iBuyers too. READ MORE

Marketing isn’t easy. Consistent, long-term results are even more difficult. And this is especially true for real estate investors because the world of real estate and marketing constantly changes. READ MORE

In the real estate investing world, many business owners dismiss the idea of creating mission and value statements. In the corporate world full of woke businesses, these statements mean nothing. 
But when you don’t define your values, it’s impossible to attract the best fits for your business.READ MORE

Everyone overcomplicates success. They think they need a mansion, fancy sports car, and millions in the bank or they’ll feel like a failure.
Here’s the cold hard truth:
If you think you need all that to be successful, you feel like a failure if you’re missing one ingredient.… READ MORE

Starting a real estate investing business ain’t easy. You need funding. You need contractors. And you need a system for attracting sellers. But you know what’s even more difficult? 
Scaling your business and so you can spend time with your family without guilt.READ MORE

As a business owner, it’s easy for distractions to take you off course. Most distractions are disguised as massive, life-changing opportunities. And it’s difficult to tell the difference between the two.… READ MORE

Have you ever been ripped off by a so-called marketing expert that promised you X, Y, and Z but gave you nothing? 
Cunning self-proclaimed “experts” dupe many real estate investors into investing their hard-earned capital into their services.READ MORE

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