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What do average real estate investors have in common? They attempt to do everything on their own.
This is a hard path to success as you try to reinvent the wheel, create new systems, and get burnt out.… READ MORE

The real estate industry is filled with thriving self-starters. They work very hard and make lots of money.
Unfortunately, this is the only industry where we don’t speak about our personal struggles.… READ MORE

Most real estate investors think about one thing and one thing only:
Their bottom line.
The result?
They hit their financial goals, only to realize they’re miserable.
Why is that?
As a society, we’re taught to believe that success is the only path to a good life.… READ MORE

The real estate cycle, just like everything else, has ebbs and flows.
The difference between the successful real estate investors from the amateurs is that they know how to get in front of the flow curve to maximize their profits.… READ MORE

Most real estate investors hear the same, played out advice:
Focus on one thing to be exceptional in the marketplace.
But will narrowing your focus get you ahead quickly, or are you leaving money on the table?… READ MORE

Most people get into real estate investing and try to do everything on their own.  They try to find their own deals, put in their own money and even try to do the “sweat” work all by themselves.
This is a recipe for disaster and burnout.… READ MORE

The future of real estate is changing with technology finally catching up.  With anything that technology touches, it leads to more efficiency.  This scares many as old ways of doing things become obsolete and real estate investors fear losing profits.… READ MORE

Real estate construction costs have gone through the roof!  With inflation hitting every sector, real estate investors are feeling the pinch as their profits are being slashed.
The solution to these high construction prices is simple…
Use technology to deflate the cost of construction. … READ MORE

Real estate investors love to work their butts off.  They chase deals from one side of the country to another.
But this strategy quickly leads to overwhelm and burn out and misery.
Want to know the secret to maximizing your efforts and reducing burn out?… READ MORE

Real estate investors struggle for various reasons.  The main reason amongst them is their lack of focus.
Jumping from one strategy to another is costly and time consuming.  This leads to minimal profits and overwhelm.… READ MORE

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