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2021 brought a lot of ruckus to both real estate investors and online advertisers. It’s been one of the most difficult years for both groups — and most real estate investors fit into both groups. READ MORE

The real estate investing industry is stuck in the past. And relying on old-school marketing strategies that used to work is a recipe for failure today. 
This includes SEO and content marketing. Realtors and agents have left real estate investors in the dust when it comes to SEO marketing.READ MORE

As entrepreneurs, we have a million different problems that could affect our businesses at any point. For example, a high-performing ad could stop working overnight for seemingly no reason. 
When this happens, most entrepreneurs try to fix the ad because that’s the most obvious solution.READ MORE

If you have door-to-door sales experience, you can crush it in the world of real estate investing. It pays better, requires less work, and gives you a better life. 
But what if you don’t have door-to-door sales experience?READ MORE

Humans have a weird psychological quirk that “nukes” your marketing results. And this is especially true with real estate investors. 
What’s this quirk? 
After you’ve had a record-breaking month, not achieving that level of revenue feels like you’re declining.READ MORE

What’s the best marketing channel? 
Every real estate investor wants to use the best marketing channels. They want to close as many deals as possible while spending the least amount on ads. 
Many of the channels get a bunch of hype, but they might not be the best fit for you. READ MORE

As you grow your real estate investing business, there’s a lot of pressure to delegate tasks. The more successful you become, the more money you make, and the less time you have.
But popular delegation advice for real estate investors is misguided and dangerous.… READ MORE

Real estate investors are investing more into their website design now than ever before.
Because Silicon Valley iBuyer companies like Trulia and Zillow have beautiful websites and it makes investors think they need a beautiful site too.… READ MORE

Many real estate investors never flip more than 30 houses a year. But today’s guest, Chris Music, accomplished that goal. 
Chris’s secret? 
He swapped out direct mail campaigns with online marketing.READ MORE

Big Tech has been using your data for quite some time. And every click, conversion, and data set makes their AI smarter and more equipped online. 
Protecting your data is the only way to protect your leads in an algorithmic future.READ MORE

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