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Most real estate investors are great at making money, but they’re even better at spending it.
As business expenses add up and their lifestyle expands, they need to continue drawing money out to support their life.… READ MORE

Are financial advisors all they’re cracked up to be?
They claim to have a crystal ball, but when you give them your money, your returns barely beat inflation.
The truth about financial advisors?
They are trained by the big financial institutions to push mediocre products with minimal returns.… READ MORE

In real estate, using smart tools can make or break your lead generation. If you don’t have an easy way to get leads, you don’t have a business, you just have a job. And a job will suck you dry until you quit from burn out.… READ MORE

Ever wonder where the hidden treasure lies for investors? It’s all tucked away in your follow-up game.
Crack this code, and you’ll find yourself with a constant stream of lucrative deals.
But most investors miss this goldmine because they haven’t nailed the art of systematic follow-up.… READ MORE

The secret to real estate investing isn’t in the properties; it’s in your expertise.
The 10,000-hour rule is the golden key to becoming a real estate mogul.
That dedication can turn you into a savvy investor, making money flow like a river.… READ MORE

What if you had a chance to be mentored by someone who went from humble beginnings to being one of the A players in New York City development?
Think that would give you an unfair advantage in investing?
Mentoring takes you from being an average investor to someone racking in massive wealth in 2 years instead of spending your life figuring it out.… READ MORE

Making money is great as an investor, but it pales in comparison to this overlooked aspect most investors ignore…
In fact, your future as a real estate investor depends on it.
And since the government is mandating more rules to follow, this will also impact your investments and your children’s future.… READ MORE

There’s a breakthrough for the entire real estate industry coming your way…
It will hold you to a higher standard and hand out grades like a report card.
So, what’s this new breakthrough?
It’s called ESG.… READ MORE

There are two paths to becoming a successful investor: doing it yourself or borrowing wisdom from other successful investors.
Being the lone wolf may get you to your goals, eventually, but it comes with a steep cost: Your time, money, and a lot of energy.… READ MORE

Rich Dad Poor Dad is a magical book. It is one of the most influential ones in real estate. It can transform any average person into a wealthy real estate investor.
The concept is simple – buy passive assets that produce cash instead of slaving away at a job.… READ MORE

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