Find Out The Biggest Lie Guroobs are Telling You About Podcasting

Find Out The Biggest Lie Guroobs are Telling You About Podcasting

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Your information is 100% secure and will never be shared by anyone.

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Ask the question, ‘what do you really want’ to most real estate agents and what follows is usually one of the following:
Either a moment of stone-dead silence or
An amalgamation of numbers relating to how many homes they want to sell or how much profit they want to make.… READ MORE

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a business where people pay you a few hundred bucks a month… and all you do is basically give them electrons?
AND there’s a SERIOUS pain of disconnect… so they keep paying you month after month, year after year.… READ MORE

Being productive, getting things done, and becoming a true high performer is about getting stuff done. So why do so many entrepreneurs find themselves profoundly distracted, going back and forth, making next to no progress when building their business?… READ MORE

As technology progresses in today’s modern day, it’s of popular belief that businesses must take advantage of this technology in order to stay ‘successful’ and easily accessible to customers.… READ MORE

What should you do to make sure you’re becoming the best version of yourself and living your best life?
If you ever get the feeling that you’re not living every day with excitement, then you need to listen to this episode where you’ll quickly discover ways of determining parameters to help you live your highest quality of life.… READ MORE

If you’re an entrepreneur, chances are you’ve experimented with FB ads or other PPC advertising.
Maybe you’ve seen some success, maybe you’ve failed. It’s tough to watch marketers rake in big money while your PPC isn’t working.… READ MORE

It’s possible to earn a salary as a business owner. You don’t have to settle for leftovers.
In fact, I highly recommend this strategy and I teach designers how to do this in our signature program, Laying the Foundation.… READ MORE

Our culture has embraced entrepreneurship in a truly positive way. Back in the 90’s, entrepreneurship wasn’t a popular career path – unless your parents were entrepreneurial and you were stepping into their family business.… READ MORE

See what you made me do? You all are a distraction! Just kidding. But I did go off on some tangents with the past couple of episodes when I promised you I’d cover the final two myths of fitness and nutrition.… READ MORE

Today’s podcast contains a new set of 7 Email Players rules.
Producer Jonathan and I talk about things like What the world’s greatest publicity marketer taught me about how the way the world really works… how to make yourself hard to leave in a relationship… you can’t cut off Superman’s bollocks and expect him to save the world… and the dorky elBenbo band marches on.… READ MORE

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