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Resilience is your ability to adapt and bounce back when things don’t go according to plan. Resilient people don’t flounder or dwell on their setbacks. They acknowledge what’s happened, learn from their mistake, pick themselves up, and move forward.… READ MORE


As a natural practitioner, your no.1 thing is probably having an impact on people’s lives. Guiding them to a better reality and allowing them to live a life worth living.
Accomplishing this mission is hard—it’s be soul-crushing to struggle with something to near to your heart.… READ MORE

“If it had been a snake…it would have bitten me!”
A grandmother’s wisdom stays with us for life. She’s lived through tough times that required resilience, sacrifice, and ingenuity; virtues ingrained by necessity and traits that have stayed all her life.… READ MORE

I’m constantly bothered by people who want me to work for free.
The ruse is usually the promise of “future income.” Probably because it’s super easy to make promises about money you don’t have yet.… READ MORE

How do you go from ground zero to 7-figures? A question many startup entrepreneurs ask, but fewer ever achieve. Traffic and Funnels ™ is one of them.
And in today’s show, Chris and Taylor pull back the curtain and break down exactly how they started and built their 7-figure business ‘machine’ from absolute scratch.… READ MORE

Being an entrepreneur is hard. First, you have to “take the plunge” and work up the courage to start your business. Then, the real difficulty sets in. You have to learn, invest and you will inevitably fail at some things.… READ MORE

You’ve probably heard people tell you that FB ads or AdWords is the way to win. Maybe you’ve even tried to run a campaign yourself.
Whether you’ve failed or made money, one question probably bugs you:
What’s the right amount to spend?… READ MORE

There’s a point in your business where releasing control is the only way to grow.
You might feel scared or nervous to get help with administrative work, but if you want to grow – you can’t do it all yourself.… READ MORE

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