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You go beyond usual and ordinary to engage people, lead change, and drive results.
Managers run the present. Ultra leaders shape the future. You’re an ultra leader.
Best-selling author, leadership coach, and “change sherpa” Dr.… READ MORE

Discover how to  avoid the financial planning pitfalls that have trapped so many people just like you. Harold Green, creator of the Rapid Retire Financial Planning Process, and his guest experts will reveal the insider secrets of retiring early.… READ MORE

There’s more to life than money. Yet millions of Americans slave away their entire lives thinking, “If I just get one more car”, or “If I just get one more promotion, then I’ll be happy”.
I’m here to tell you, that’s a big fat lie.… READ MORE

Growing up, our parents drilled the importance of quality into our heads. But today, it seems like nobody teaches the value of quality anymore.
And it’s a shame because quality never goes out of style.… READ MORE

It’s easy to feel trapped in our society. In today’s world of unlimited digital information and social media, it’s harder than ever to rise above the noise and not get sucked into the average life.… READ MORE

Show highlights include:

The “Reflection Approach” to stop settling for less and unleash your true potential (1:33)
How embracing the “messy middle” helps to find courage to go on and fight when you feel stuck(3:04)
The Israelites’ Secret to coming back from rock bottom and changing your life around (3:35)
How to start seeing what God sees in you (even when your inner critic says otherwise) (9:27)

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Vulnerable guys are ugly. That’s what women think at least. Millions of men around the world have been told to show off their vulnerable side. And when they do? Women judge them ruthlessly, making them get angry and frustrated.… READ MORE

Most people think manifestation is some weird voodoo BS that accomplishes nothing. And you know what? They’re not wrong about that.
Here’s why:
Manifestation doesn’t mean thinking positive thoughts fills your world with rainbows and money.… READ MORE

Leaving a legacy is something that every entrepreneur aspires to.
We want to give the future generation opportunities we never had when we grew up. We want to build something that’s bigger and more fulfilling than ourselves.… READ MORE

Since we were born, we’ve been conditioned to need certain things. From basic things like food and water to lavish things like sports cars and watches.
But do we really “need” anything? Maybe not…
I’ve been recently training under Elitom El-amin.… READ MORE

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