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Most investors start their investing journey with single family homes.

But there’s a massive problem with traditional single-family homes:

They require lots of effort and resources, and generate shockingly low levels of cash flow.

But there's a rarely used approach that doubles your cash flow and actually requires less effort.

In this episode, Kevin Bupp from The Cash Flow Investor joins me to share this “hidden” real estate investment strategy.

Not only will Kevin show you simple strategies to increase your cash flow, but he also helps you do it with less time commitment.

Listen now.

Show highlights include:

  • How to use your retirement fund to buy cash-flowing assets that spit out instant cash (3:50)
  • Discover the secret to a six-figure cash flow business with this mobile home strategy (7:43)
  • This novice investor mistake that can lead you into bankruptcy—here’s how to avoid it. (12:46)
  • How to hire the right property manager that free ups all your time (so that you move onto the next lucrative deal) (14:34)
  • The “demand drivers” to look for when buying cash flowing parking lots (to avoid dead end deals) (18:15)
  • A supply and demand curve that creates asset classes in every market condition (so you don’t have to run to family members for extra money) (19:39)
  • The cap rate and expense ratios to look for when analyzing juicy deals that put money into your pockets (20:27)
  • The big real estate shift in the next 7 years that you can take advantage of immediately (37:04)

If you wish to reach out to Kevin Bupp, please contact him here: https://kevinbupp.com/

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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