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In this episode, Jennings tells the story of buying a 34-unit apartment building and all the challenges that came with it.
From getting a surprise deal from the owner to handling money and making the apartments better, this story has it all.… READ MORE

In this episode, Jennings Smith shares stories about real estate deals and how he turned missed opportunities into successful ventures.
By building relationships and thinking creatively, Jennings was able to make profits in the real estate market.… READ MORE

Have you ever thought being too cheap could actually cost you more? In this episode of “Unlock Your Life”, Jennings Smith talks about a fun story from a pickleball tournament in Atlanta.
By choosing to buy more expensive VIP tickets, he ended up meeting important people and had a much better time.… READ MORE

In today’s episode, I’m going to share my journey from being a struggling contractor to making strategic moves in real estate investing.
I’ll talk about the importance of focusing on that one critical problem that, once solved, simplifies everything else.… READ MORE

In this episode, host Jennings Smith discusses a real estate deal involving a 108-unit complex in Houma, Louisiana.
Jennings explains the challenges they faced, including high insurance costs and potential hurricane damage, and how they managed these issues to turn the investment into a profitable one.… READ MORE

Welcome to today’s episode, where we’re talking all about raising money and facing the fears that come with it. Jennings will share personal stories and introduce a simple way to think better, turn fear into action, and make smarter choices about your investments.… READ MORE

In today’s episode, Jason Seward is here to share some seriously smart tips about investing in real estate that could help you earn more money.
We’re talking about getting up to 10% back on your investments, and how Jason’s company is growing big time without hiring a ton of extra people.… READ MORE

Get ready because I’m about to share a story that will completely redefine what it means to mix work with pleasure. Picture me in sunny Naples, Florida, but instead of unwinding, I find myself caught in the eye of a work crisis storm during my vacation!… READ MORE

In this episode, I share personal stories and insights on real estate investing. I explore the importance of buying at the right time, the impact of market research, and how to control what you’re willing to pay for an asset.… READ MORE

Get ready for an exhilarating journey as I take you through an eye-opening experience with my kids.
We dared to navigate the world of entrepreneurship and stumbled upon some powerful life lessons along the way.… READ MORE

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