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Welcome to “Unlock Your Life” with Jennings Smith. In this episode, Jennings challenges conventional wisdom about real estate investment by exploring the BRRR strategy and its application to apartment complexes.… READ MORE

Join the latest episode of “Unlock Your Life” with host Jennings Smith as he unravels the practical steps needed to break free from the ordinary and escalate towards your desired future.… READ MORE

Join Jennings as he shares the insider secrets to identifying low risk, high uncertainty deals that are redefining the real estate market. Using real-life examples and razor-sharp analysis, Jennings unveils the strategies that can transform your investment portfolio.… READ MORE

In this episode, Jennings explores the core reasons why some people succeed while others struggle to make progress.
Jennings reveals a formula to achieve any goal and challenges the conventional approach to setting goals.… READ MORE

In a monumental 100th episode of Unlock Your Life, Jennings Smith reveals the truth behind podcast success rates – 90% don’t make it past episode three!
But what’s the secret to joining the top 1%?… READ MORE

In this episode, Jennings sits down with Markus Kaulius who reveals the seismic shift from commanding a $170 million supplement empire to igniting a movement at playabiggergame.com.
Discover the art of prioritizing what truly counts – your health, family, and inner calling.… READ MORE

In this episode, Jennings sits down with Kris Morin, who leaped from teaching to towering triumph, closing 200 units with a bold goal of 2500 by 2025.
Discover the meticulous strategies that transformed multifamily investing into an art form, from the bustling streets of Evansville, Indiana, to the boardrooms of deal-making.… READ MORE

Get ready to unlock your child’s financial potential in this episode of “Unlock Your Life” with Jennings Smith.
Discover how Jennings empowered his own kids with entrepreneurial skills, from investing in cryptocurrency to starting mini-business ventures.… READ MORE

In this episode, Jennings Smith reveals the risky yet potentially lucrative investment in a 75% vacant 280-unit apartment complex.
Get ready to learn about the nail-biting details of this deal, the hefty risks they mitigated, and their bold plan to turn this distressed property into a goldmine.… READ MORE

Are you ready for some real talk?
In today’s episode, Jennings Smith, takes us through the ups and downs of his recent failed deal. From pitching investors to facing rejection, Jennings reveals the challenges he encountered and the valuable lessons he learned along the way.… READ MORE

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