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You were lied to. Growing up, the average American was sold this fallacy that we should get a 9-5, work a traditional job, and receive a stable paycheck. Hopefully, if we worked long enough, we’d save enough money to retire at the age of 65.… READ MORE

Why do some people get results, and some don’t? Plenty of people say the right things, have the right motivation, the passion, the drive… Yet for whatever reason, they’re not getting the results they want.… READ MORE

If you’re in the real estate industry, you probably know the risks.
Bad locations, negative cash flows, high vacancies, and problem tenants can cause chaos or make you rethink if you made the right choice.… READ MORE

Have you ever heard the phrase “money is evil?” Most entrepreneurs work hard to hit their income goals and once they do, this mindset traps them in mediocrity.
They think making too much money can somehow destroy their life, relationships, and happiness.… READ MORE

At times, it feels like you don’t get compensated the way you deserve to be.
But be honest…
How many of your skills are irreplaceable to your clients? Are you just another business owner from the many trying to stand out in the rat race?… READ MORE

Do you feel like you’re out of luck? That nothing you try goes your way? Or that reaching your biggest goals sounds like a pipe dream?
Too often our reality is nothing like we imagine. This causes us to sabotage our dreams because deep inside we’re scared.… READ MORE

In dating, pushiness is a major turn-off. You instantly lose your attractiveness and seem desperate.
It’s not much different in sales. When your product is too easy to get, it sends alarm bells into the prospect’s mind: No one wants what you have to offer.… READ MORE

We’re halfway through this year. The second part of the year can be a time when your business slows down…or it can be a time of massive expansion and hitting bigger goals than ever before!
It’s time to make this year the biggest in your business yet.… READ MORE

With the rise of “business coaches” the internet became flooded with generic advice, useless courses and make-money-fast scams.
So how do you know what information is legit when you have so many people selling the magic pill of thriving businesses on every corner?… READ MORE

Take a drive around your city and you’ll see 50+ family apartments everywhere you go. These buildings generate over a million each year and are worth much more.
But if you’re new to real estate, owning one of these is a pipe dream, right?… READ MORE

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