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Dreaming about owning millions of dollars in real estate property gets most entrepreneurs giddy like schoolchildren. But how do you get the contracts when you don’t know where to start?
There is a 4-prong approach to reaching your goal of being a multi-millionaire in real estate.… READ MORE

Have you ever tried to lose weight? Have you ever tried to quit smoking? Have you ever tried to save money?
If you said “yes” to any of these then you are a PLU, People Like Us.
But are you the one that can say “I tried” and continued to do it?… READ MORE

Nearly everyone has had a “not-so-good deal” before.
But what do you do when the chips are down?
If you’re like most people, you’ll quit and give up.
But going through these difficult times lets you come out on the other side, ready to push forward even when you feel like crap.… READ MORE

You’ve got big dreams of making a million bucks and living the free life, with no boss to answer to.
But if you haven’t made it yet, you may have “loser habits” holding you back. Those are little habits like smoking and eating junk food.… READ MORE

Has anyone ever told you, “You have to grow up!”?
If you answered “yes,” then you have to ask yourself why.
Society wants to put us in a nice, neatly packaged box. Go to school.… READ MORE

Imagine this: nobody wants to buy your flip and the lender’s knocking at your door.
Your mind jumps to the worst-case scenario: selling the family home, exchanging steak dinners for beans in a can…
But before you put up that “for sale” sign, you need to know one of the quirks of your brain.… READ MORE

If your income has stagnated, you might feel guilty for not working dusk until dawn.
But there are plenty of business owners who play golf every Wednesday, work 3 hours a day, yet make ten (or even a hundred) times more money.… READ MORE

If you’ve ever needed to say no to the family holiday because of money troubles, you’ll know how oppressing life can be.
It feels like being a kid again, with someone else telling you what you can and can’t do.… READ MORE

You might have heard the key to wealth is playing it safe. But who wants to be the richest guy in the nursing home?
If you want a limitless lifestyle, that means making money now, while you’re still able to enjoy it.… READ MORE

What would happen if you stepped away from your business for a month?
Seriously, ask yourself the question.
If you had no contact with your business, would it grow? Stay the same? Or would it fall apart completely?… READ MORE

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