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“I can’t afford a $100K downpayment.”
This is a lie most single family investors like to tell themselves. Instead of earning $240K per year in passive income, they’ve convinced themselves it’s not possible.… READ MORE

Most real estate investors spend way too much time on “Short-Term Equity” deals.
These are the types of deals where:

You find the property
You fully lease it out
You do all the hard work…

And when it’s all said and done, you only own 3% of the total equity in the deal.… READ MORE

Today’s guest, Dr. Eric Francomb, founder of Infinite Freedom, unlocked his life.
He used to grind it out in his dental practice, working 70 hour weeks, and not spending any time with his kids.
Now he earns over $100K per month in pure passive income.… READ MORE

“Operational Real Estate” is an asset class with the easiest-to-negotiate owners in the world. 15-20% of the market is made up of multinational syndications. The remaining 80-85% consists of Mom & Pop operators — people who overlook how sought after their property is — meaning you get high rental yield properties at a bargain price.… READ MORE

Time moves fast.
In 2023, we’re closer to 2050 than 1990.
With or without you, time marches on. And if you don’t change now, you’re going to be stuck in the same position 5 years from now. 80 hour weeks.… READ MORE

Imagine a real estate asset where you can:
Invest with minimal to no competition
Tie up sellers for 12 to 15 months — and have them THANK you for it
Specifically tailor the highest & best use of the land
Pay little to no property taxes, insurance, or maintenance costs — and watch the as the value of asset appreciate exponentially due to inflation
Benefit from demand outstripping supply
These are just some of the benefits of raw land investing.… READ MORE

If you want to have $20M when you retire, you won’t EVER get there by making $150K a year.
Sounds like common sense, but most contractors make this mistake. They don’t think 5, 10, or even 20 years from now.… READ MORE

Today’s episode will reveal a simple, yet highly profitable side hustle.
It’s not real estate, social media marketing, driving for Uber, freelancing on Upwork, or anything to do with online at all.… READ MORE

Most newbie/single family real estate investors I speak to say the same thing:
“How do I get my first deal within six months? I don’t want it to take forever. I’m looking to make the leap from single family to multifamily.… READ MORE

Most real estate investors are dead broke. They scrape by, reinvesting every single profit into their next downpayment. In fact, they’re so broke, they sometimes have to finance their water heater!… READ MORE

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