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A lot of veterans like to think:

“Real estate requires too much time and money to get started. Plus, if another crash happens, I’ll lose everything!”

Here’s the reality:

Not all investment methods are created equally. Some investments—like multifamily real estate— will allow you to replace your income faster. And that is definitely the case with multifamily real estate. Take Kevin Brenner, host of the Active Duty Passive Income Podcast, for example:

While still active duty, he was able to purchase his first quadplex for $350,000 in 2018, and sold it for $815,000 in January.

After 5 years, he walked away with $400,000 in net profit.

Best part?

He used his VA loan, and had zero down. If he did it, you can do it.

Now, if any of this excites you, then today’s episode is going to be a treat. Kevin will reveals exclusive real estate investing methods only veterans (and families of veterans) have access to. He also shares how to build a $400,000 nest egg so your finances are secure by the time you retire.

Listen now!

Show Highlights Include:

  • The “family” secret to unlock endless networking opportunities (2:06)
  • A private, 65,000 strong Facebook group exclusively for veterans seeking to achieve passive income through real estate (5:04)
  • How to purchase your first quadplex for $350,000 with your VA loan (and sell it for $815,000 5 years later) (7:06)
  • Why “obsession” about multifamily real estate unlocks the multigenerational wealth you crave (10:44)
  • How to capitalize on multifamily opportunities with minimal competition by becoming an “LDREI” (12:01)
  • [Exclusive for veterans] The “Earl” refinancing method that allows you to reduce your interest rates to 2.25% (even when interest rates are at 4.5%)
  • Struggling to find real estate deals on MLS or Zillow? Here’s how to source multiple off market opportunities every single week (23:36)
  • How to quickly source $85,000 for a multifamily real estate deal by finding a “loan sponsor” (without taking a line of credit) (24:31)

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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