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Today’s episode will reveal a simple, yet highly profitable side hustle.

It’s not real estate, social media marketing, driving for Uber, freelancing on Upwork, or anything to do with online at all.

With this side hustle, marketing, sales, accounting, and a call center is already planned out (at no extra cost to you.)

Best part?

The combined total of this side hustle is $1.7 trillion in sales. Imagine taking just a 0.001% slice of that pie… $1,700,0000

Sounds pretty good, right?

In today’s episode, Jon Ostenson of Franbridge Consulting reveals how to escape the corporate rat race with this exact side hustle.

Listen now!

Show Highlights Include:

  • How to escape the corporate rat race by investing in a “NFF” side hustle (it’s not Uber, online tutoring, freelancing, or even social media marketing) (0:34)
  • The “semi-absentee” business that eliminates the intense learning curve that comes with starting your own business (3:05)
  • 4 “unsexy” business models that have a never-ending level of demand (and a great way to recession proof your finances) (4:52)
  • How to generate $1.7 million in revenue in a year by hiring people to climb up a ladder (19:25)

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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