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In this episode, host Jennings Smith discusses a real estate deal involving a 108-unit complex in Houma, Louisiana.

Jennings explains the challenges they faced, including high insurance costs and potential hurricane damage, and how they managed these issues to turn the investment into a profitable one.

He'll cover the steps taken to reduce expenses and increase the property’s value. This case study provides practical insights into thoughtful investing and strategic planning.

Tune in to learn from a straightforward breakdown of successful real estate investment.

Show Highlights:

  • Are you ready to know the details of a successful deal? [00:40]
  • Conquering the doubts when securing a deal. [02:52]
  • Here is your guide on navigating insurance issues. [06:27]
  • This is the right direction for your due diligence. [07:06]
  • Learn what needs to be done to secure favorable financing. [09:00]
  • How did a simple loan request turn into a thrilling negotiation? [09:37]
  • Discover the ways to maximize the NOI. [12:52]
  • Ready to learn how to refinance and make millions? [13:52]

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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