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Most people don’t realize a disgusting secret I learned about the courtroom:
Everyone is working against you. They’re all on the same team, and you’re the opponent.
But don’t worry. If you’re up against corrupt attorneys and judges, there’s a little-known power move you can use that almost guarantees you’ll win your case.… READ MORE

Battling a liar in court can cost you your case, especially when it’s the judge or attorney who is lying.
But don’t worry. You don’t have to let them lie and take advantage of you. In fact, there are a few simple tips that you can follow to beat liars in court every single time.… READ MORE

Are you planning on managing your own case in court?
Well, it’s probably easier than attorneys want you to believe. They get paid when they represent you, and so they use backhanded tactics to scare you out of managing your own case.… READ MORE

While judges are supposed to uphold the law, many of them just want to lord over you.
Well, the cold, hard truth is that many judges have a God complex and an oversized ego. Worst part? These corrupt judges keep secrets from you, so they can take advantage of you.… READ MORE

Our officials are supposed to uphold the law. But the cold, hard truth is they’re looking for ways to break the law and take advantage of you.
But you don’t have to let them break the law and take advantage of you without facing justice.… READ MORE

Legal conflicts are fires that need to be put out immediately. They threaten your finances, your reputation, and your relationship with your family. The legal system itself is complex and daunting, leaving many people feeling afraid and lost—especially when you have little to no experience with it.… READ MORE

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