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Simon Sinek popularized the Infinite Game concept: a mental framework that discourages using shortcuts for temporary gain and promotes action rooted in long-term “big picture” thinking.
Sinek applied this philosophy to business and leadership…
But it goes way beyond that!… READ MORE

You’re probably familiar with the Balanced Business Dad six pillars of life: Faith, Health, Marriage, Fatherhood, Brotherhood, Business.
But you’re busy. How can you possibly keep all six pillars in balance, especially when you have to work long days, week after week?… READ MORE

Unless you’re an accountant you probably enjoy finances about as much as getting a root canal.
But you know ignoring the finances in your business and household just sets you up for disaster. Refusing to pay attention to it will lead to problems eventually.… READ MORE

So you want to make a change…
Maybe it’s to exercise more, spend more time with your kids, or improve your relationship with your wife.
But with everything going on in your life, you can’t seem to get started.… READ MORE

Who are you?
How you answer that tiny question makes a huge impact on your decisions, your actions, and ultimately your life.
But most dads don’t answer that question on purpose. They answer it internally without really thinking about it, and let that answer subconsciously run their lives.… READ MORE

After years in a marriage, sex can come to a complete halt. The initial spark vanishes, and can’t be found anywhere.
But most dads handle this situation in a way that completely ruins their chances of getting laid.… READ MORE

A lot of dads are sold the dream of entrepreneurship.  This is why the 4-hour workweek is one of the bestselling books.
You know the dream – you work for a couple hours and then sit on a beach and do nothing for the rest of the day.  … READ MORE

Most dads believe that having it all – a life filled with faith, health, marriage, fatherhood, brotherhood, and business is impossible. They believe that people that have perfect lives are unique unicorns.… READ MORE

There is an old expression that says that a man plans, and God laughs.
This is especially true if you plan to live a selfish life by only thinking about your own needs.
God has bigger plans for you. He wants you to live a fulfilled life, that not only serves yourself, but your family and community as well.… READ MORE

Dads spend most of their time making boat loads of money. You have discovered a business model that works, why would you stop using it?
Making lots of money will let you outsource a lot of your time sucking problems.… READ MORE

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