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In this episode, Levi and team tackle the truth behind marketing in real estate. They shed light on the pressures of social media’s spotlight and share tactics for thriving on a budget.
Levi recounts his personal success, turning a single listing into a neighborhood takeover with strategic social media flair.… READ MORE

In this episode, you’re about to get the scoop on taking chances in life and work from your hosts, Levi Wanner, Cozi, and DJ Topeka.
They’re chatting about the wild world of putting money into things like houses and what it means to go all-in on your dreams.… READ MORE

Hey, listeners, ready to get the lowdown on what it really takes to chase your dreams?
In today’s episode, Levi and team are swapping stories—from real estate craziness to finding the perfect work-life groove—and getting real about the hustle.… READ MORE

In this episode, Cozi and Levi Wanner get real about what it takes to chase and handle the cash, the clout, and the respect we all crave.
Our hosts don’t hold back on dishing the dirt on why staying genuine beats getting a big head any day, even when your bank balance hits the big leagues.… READ MORE

In today’s episode, Levi and crew discuss the art of rising above judgment, nurturing the relationships that really matter, and conquering the world of success.
Levi spills the secret sauce on ditching toxic ties and how the right kind of support turns dreams into empire-building realities.… READ MORE

In today’s episode, Cozi and Levi are unboxing the harsh realities of societal pressures, the intoxicating challenge of saying “no” to a drink, and the marriage-transforming magic of the 75 Hard challenge.… READ MORE

In this episode, Levi and Cozi unpack the secrets of relentless goal-chasing and achieving the extraordinary. They share their personal sagas of triumph, visualize with vision boards, and break the shackles of complacency.… READ MORE

Are you ready to transform those daydreams into your daily drive? In today’s episode, we will unlock the secrets of goal setting. Picture yourself silencing your inner critic as you absorb insights, learning from the tech mishaps and power moves of your favorite hosts.… READ MORE

Today, Levi shares the goldmine that is networking with top-tier investors and business mavens. He reinforces the need for constant growth, pulling expertise from a spectrum of resources, even when traditional learning methods like reading don’t come easy.… READ MORE

In this episode, the crew tackles the issue of self-sabotage. Levi pulls back the curtain on his personal battles with unhealthy habits that clash with his professional and health goals.
They get into the tricky biz of navigating holiday indulgences and the way friendships can change when you start switching up your life for the better.… READ MORE

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