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There’s a certain expense that cost us at least $60 million over the past 12 years.
And you know what?
This expense is also your biggest expense, whether you realize it or not.
What’s the expense?
It’s what you don’t know.… READ MORE

Soft skills aren’t the sexiest topic… But the difference between having soft skills or not will be the difference between growing a million dollar empire or living a mediocre life.
Even if you sniff success, without developing the necessary soft skills to maintain your success, it will all come crashing down on you.… READ MORE

Social media is one of the most powerful tools you can use to become a millionaire.
So, how come everyone on social media isn’t a millionaire?
Well, most people use social media the wrong way: They spend all their free time consuming content, and never create content.… READ MORE

As entrepreneurs, we’re always chasing the next big thing. The next big money maker that will create a legacy for our families. And one of the downsides of this is we neglect something far more important than wealth:
Our health.… READ MORE

A business partnership can either unlock the biggest boom for your business and wealth… Or become a soul-sucking monster that sabotages your business, family, and livelihood.
In fact, when we started our business, we almost crippled our entire livelihood.… READ MORE

You can’t make millions without upgrading your mindset. Even if you bring in 6 or 7 figures per year, a broken money mindset will keep you broke and living paycheck to paycheck.
But don’t worry, we made many of these wealth-shrinking mistakes already, so you don’t have to.… READ MORE

There’s a certain superpower that all the wealthiest and most successful entrepreneurs have.
This superpower created Southwest. It bought the Cleveland Cavaliers. It’s why we’ve become millionaires.… READ MORE

Your body can hold trauma in it from past generations. That means, something doesn’t even have to happen to you for it to cause trauma today—and force you to self-sabotage and give up on your dreams.… READ MORE

We all go through painful and traumatic experiences in our lives. Nobody talks about it on social media, but everyone goes through something traumatic.
But the mistake most people make is they sit in their pain and add to their suffering instead of repurposing that pain for greatness.… READ MORE

Most people think that their financial capital is the most important “asset” they own.
But this is dead wrong.
In fact, there’s something that’s at least 100x more profitable than having access to financial capital.… READ MORE

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