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We all go through painful and traumatic experiences in our lives. Nobody talks about it on social media, but everyone goes through something traumatic.
But the mistake most people make is they sit in their pain and add to their suffering instead of repurposing that pain for greatness.… READ MORE

All of us have felt desperation in our lives at some point…
It is a beautiful aspect of being human. Not only does it drive us to do something about our negative situation, but it also fills us up with near limitless motivation to do whatever it takes.… READ MORE

We’re officially in the future. Certain marketing mediums let you bypass space and time itself, grant you celebrity status to your ideal audience, and add an extra zero to your bank account faster than ever before.… READ MORE

If you want to land more clients, there’s a little-known, but wildly effective secret…
The secret?
Go to your clients’ houses, and knock on their neighbors’ doors.
It sounds simple because it is—but when you’ve done great work, your clients’ neighbors become an absolute treasure trove.… READ MORE

Reading can change your life, but only if you do it effectively.
And In today’s world where thousands of books are written every month.
It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of reading and not actually implement what you learn.… READ MORE

Having influence can change lives. An influential leader can walk into a room and empower others. They have faith in what they say and know their mission.
But influencing others can be intimidating. You need people to take action and change the way they think.… READ MORE

The FAA is the guardians of the sky.
Their high standards with brain health can keep you grounded for a long time.
They have neurologists on board as advisors to help them identify cognitive issues of pilots.… READ MORE

Most people unknowingly set themselves up for failure…
They hope that they’ll become successful without having concrete plans in place to build their wealth.
You have to realize that hope is not a strategy.… READ MORE

Most people think about the obvious advantage of their life insurance death benefit: when you die, your loved ones get money!
As important as that is, there’s more that a death benefit can do.
Today, I’m sharing how the death benefit can be optimized for your family, your business, and for charitable organizations you wish to support when you pass away.… READ MORE

If you really want a relationship, then I have bad news:
Most guys aren’t ready for a relationship yet. And even if you somehow find a relationship and experience success within it, there’s a good chance that you’ll sabotage the relationship—causing heartache and pain and divorce.… READ MORE

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