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Look around at 7-figure coaches and consultants and you’ll see they’ve got one thing in common: a valuable skill.
You’ve got valuable skills too. But why are they sipping cocktails in Cancun while you’re working your butt off without the dollars to show for it?… READ MORE

Most advisors suck at marketing. They waste money on strategies that never get them a return because they feel like it’s what they should do or what they enjoy doing.
But marketing isn’t about your feelings.… READ MORE

Most of us are born into scarcity. Your parents crush your dreams of building a business because it’s not “realistic”. Your school taught you the only way to succeed in life is to get a good degree.… READ MORE

Do any of these sound like you?
The money’s rolling in, but some days feel like a grind… You’re living comfortably, but you feel empty inside… Or you feel excited about your mission, but you’re afraid you can’t pull it off.… READ MORE

If you don’t read regularly, you’re missing out on an immense sense of joy. Yes, even if you don’t like reading.
Because science proves that reading helps you live longer, lowers your stress, prevents mental decline, and boosts your mental health.… READ MORE

Your business is running along smoothly and the profits are coming in. But what about the rest of your life? Are your relationships where you want them to be?
For many of us, the answer is no. And if that’s you, it’s a sign your life is out of alignment.… READ MORE

Show highlights include: 

How worrying what other people think of you can harm your body and make you worse off. (11:42)
Why you might be hard-wired to worry what others think of you (and how to banish this unhealthy habit) (14:45)
The counterintuitive way your friends and family make you internalize toxic thoughts and keep you chained to your worries.… READ MORE

Show highlights include:

How boring leisure activities help you enjoy your work more (2:19)
The cold, hard truth about why you’re unhappy (and how to fix it) (6:53)
How worrying about gas prices shrinks your creativity and impact (7:56)
Why having hobbies makes you more productive (even if you have no time right now) (10:29)
3 areas to “camp out” your investments in while everyone else in the market takes major losses (19:22)

Ready to stop doing what you hate?… READ MORE

Show Highlights Include

The “Hiker’s Roadmap” to discovering your life’s purpose (3:14)
An important life lesson most people learn too late (even though it’s a true game changer) (07:44)
The secret formula to developing radiating confidence and achieving incredible breakthroughs in anything you do (11:14)
Why done is always better than perfect (even if the result isn’t amazing) (14:44)

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Many men transform themselves to become more attractive to women: They excel in their careers, drive flashy cars, dress well, and get fit. Yet they stay lonely and only attract women for short-term flings or one-night stands.… READ MORE

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