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Get ready to learn the game-changing strategies of “Fair Play” with special guest Eve Rodsky.

Discover how to communicate effectively, set unapologetic boundaries, and carve out much-deserved personal space for creativity and growth. Don’t miss this empowering episode where we’re rewriting the narrative of domestic equality and sharing the blueprint for balancing work, home and vibrant personal fulfillment right alongside your partner.

Eve reveals the secrets to redistributing household tasks and ending the cycle of imbalance that so many women face daily. She introduces her system – the Fair Play cards – your ticket to a partnership that respects the value of your time and contributions. She also stresses the importance of finding your own “unicorn space” that nurtures your creativity.

Show Highlights:

  • What could happen if we treated homes as organizations? [02:15]
  • Are you aware of the unpaid labor burden on women globally? [08:52]
  • Three amazing techniques to revolutionize your life. [13:02]
  • What is the only method of ending bias at your home? [18:28]
  • Discover how society's conditioning impacts women. [23:34]
  • How emotions and influences shape system design. [27:08]
  • The power of working on your belief system [35:25]
  • How to take control of your time. [40:43]
  • The transformative role of understanding your inner values. [49:09]
  • The significance of valuing one's own time and interests. [55:50]

Find Eve online at https://fairplaylife.com or https://everodsky.com and on instagram at @fairplaylife or @everodsky.

Get a digital PDF of the Fair Play cards by signing up for the Fair Play newsletter on the website!

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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