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There’s a behavior almost all of us exhibit.
We delay decisions, because we’re not sure what we want yet. And so much time flies by without any action taken, because we’re still unsure, saying ‘maybe’.… READ MORE

You can be at the top of your career, successful, and great at what you do, and at the same time feel unsatisfied.
There’s a time that comes when success is no longer enough. You could have achieved everything you’d ever dreamed of, accumulating wealth and accolades along the way, and it still may not be enough to satisfy you.… READ MORE

Relaxing is an important, objectively beneficial activity to the human body.
But most of us can’t take a proper break without feeling guilty. Somehow it always feels like there is something we’ve missed that needs to be done…urgently.… READ MORE

We all experience difficult seasons in our lives.
It could be losing your job through downsizing, or significant health issues in your family or even a child leaving for college (sniff).
These hard experiences are just a part of life, and they won’t stop coming our way even when we want them to.… READ MORE

Women generally hold themselves to certain standards that keep us seen as ‘good’ in the eyes of society. We try to play safe and only exhibit certain ‘accepted’ behaviors because of this.
But why?… READ MORE

If you’re listening to this, you probably procrastinate. Maybe in all aspects of your life, maybe in just one, but you do.
Because even if you have everything running on time and seemingly perfectly in your life, there are still areas in which you might procrastinate.… READ MORE

The whole world has been abuzz about one movie for the past several weeks.
My entire team has been talking to me about it, my friends have been chattering about it, and my kids couldn’t wait to see it, so I finally got myself to a theater to see what the hype was about!… READ MORE

Do you ever feel like you’re doing too much?
Rhetorical question, right? We often say we “have no choice”
And even though we end up acknowledging we’re doing too much and taking on extra responsibility that’s weighing heavily on us
We aren’t doing the things that help us lighten this load.… READ MORE

Midlife is not always an easy time for women.
And when you combine this season with the mental and physical effects of menopause and perimenopause that affect women during the very same time, it can be exhausting.… READ MORE

This episode marks the 300th time I’ve seated myself in front of a microphone to record this show.
Doing this consistently for 5 years has given me so much perspective and taught me more than a few things about life.… READ MORE

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