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Some financial advisors win because they’re great at selling. When someone answers the phone or sits down in their office, it’s hard for the prospect not to hire the advisor. 
But if you’re in meetings and phone calls all day, you’re a salesperson, not a financial advisor. READ MORE

If you’re a good financial advisor, you want to do the best possible work for yourself and your clients. 
In theory, that’s great—you get your clients higher returns and yourself a bigger book of business.READ MORE

Your skills don’t matter if you don’t get anything done. 
You could be the best salesperson, marketer and financial advisor in the world—if you spend all day on the couch, your business collapses. READ MORE

Referral leads  are better than random people from networking meetings. They hire you without objecting to everything you say. They’re usually wealthy, You don’t have to work to acquire them and they already trust you.READ MORE

You’ve probably been rejected by prospects who hired another advisor, managed their money themselves or went with a robo-advisor.
The truth is: Competitors are closing clients you could’ve signed left and right.READ MORE

Some financial advisors magnetize clients. Every day, they get new LinkedIn messages, emails and phone calls from people who want to work with them. 
But most advisors struggle to get more clients. They chase down lukewarm prospects and rarely get a yes.READ MORE

As a financial advisor, you help clients achieve their financial goals. So you first need to find out what their goals are.
But the worst way to do that is to ask them. In fact, if you ask your clients about their goals, you might be sending them straight to another advisor.… READ MORE

If you’ve ever read an article or watched a video on millionaire financial advisors, it’s easy to get jealous: They live in mansions, spend weekends on their yachts and work from an office that overlooks the city. READ MORE

You can have a slick website, complicated funnel and awesome content. But if the wrong people come to your site, you’ll never get a single client from all of it. 
There are different types of website visitors.READ MORE

Some financial advisors rake it in with email marketing. Every day, they open their calendar to see new appointments with interested prospects. 
But many advisors send email after email and only get unsubscribes.READ MORE

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