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If you’re a long-time listener of this show, you probably already know you need a niche of people who know, like and trust you.
But if you’ve tried to find a niche, you’ve probably realized: It’s not as easy to find people who have enough money to invest and aren’t already bombarded with emails, phone calls, letters and postcards by your competitors.… READ MORE

Why did you become a financial advisor? Probably not so you could feel stressed from all your to-dos and never-ending workdays.
You want to do what you enjoy, spend time with friends and family and feel free.… READ MORE

Whether 2019 was your first year as a financial advisor or your tenth year, you’re probably ambitious and already expecting 2020 to be a breakthrough year that transforms your business and life.… READ MORE

If you’ve been a financial advisor for a while, you probably have a few clients. But if you want to work less and actually be fulfilled in your work, clients won’t cut it.
Because the best, richest and happiest financial advisors have raving fans.… READ MORE

If you’ve ever researched how you can market your business, you’ve probably stumbled across Facebook for marketing.
Some advisors love it, others hate it. But there’s one big problem with Facebook for financial advisors.… READ MORE

If you’ve got an interested prospect, you’re probably excited about a new potential client. You write to them, call them–but more often than not, they don’t decide.
Eventually, the prospect stops replying and actually goes nowhere.… READ MORE

Being a financial advisor isn’t easy. You face a lot of stress, rejection, struggle and disappointment. You know it’ll all be worth it in the end, but you’ll have to conquer your fears and struggles.… READ MORE

If you’re a parent, you probably want nothing more than for your kids to live a great life. Perhaps you even became a financial advisor to spend more time with your kids and provide more for them than you had growing up.… READ MORE

Before you started out as a financial advisor, you probably thought you’d be successful quickly, reducing your work hours and having tons of free time. But when you really start running your business, you realize it’s much more complicated than that.… READ MORE

If you’re struggling to land more clients even though you’re doing all the right things from books and training programs, you might be making a different mistake.
Because while you can learn a lot from what successful people do, you can learn much more from what they quit on.… READ MORE

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