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There’s no shortage of marketing “experts” who are confident they know what they’re talking about.
But the trouble is, many only really know enough to be dangerous. They might know what worked for them, or worked for a few, but not know why it worked.… READ MORE

My Inner Circle members often ask me whether or not financial advisors can have multiple niches.
The answer?
Not only can you have multiple niches, but it’s easier (and more profitable) than you probably think.… READ MORE

Imagine if you cloned yourself, and this cloned version of yourself never got hungry, tired, or stopped working.
Well, not only is this possible, but it’s the only proven route to growing both your business and your freedom.… READ MORE

Every financial advisor wants to get more done in less time. But this is an impossible task if you don’t spend your time productively.
There are too many workload changes, fires that pop up, and new priorities that happen to leave your schedule to chance.… READ MORE

Most people, including most financial advisors, are weak.
They claim they’re wealthy but have maxed out credit cards. They’re afraid to ask for help when they need it. And this results in them never being able to become a top financial advisor in the country.… READ MORE

Most financial advisors, while good at their craft, are terrible with the ins and outs of running a business.
Today’s guest, Brandon Neely, owner of Wealth Wisdom Financial, is the complete opposite.… READ MORE

70% of financial advisors who clear over 7-figures per year have something in common:
They have a niche, which gives them “expert” status in their market’s minds and makes scaling to 7-figures (and beyond) a cakewalk.… READ MORE

Many financial advisors think they must sacrifice everything they love in order to build a successful business. For example, they’ll take another prospect call instead of spending the afternoon with their son.… READ MORE

Most email marketing advice you find on Google is dead wrong. Articles preach things like give value to your list, avoid talking about touchy subjects, and don’t send more than a couple emails per week.… READ MORE

Starting your career as a financial advisor isn’t easy. Well, it’s even harder when you’re a woman, like today’s guest Anna Kareis.
But it also unlocks a massive opportunity to serve an underrepresented market: Women.… READ MORE

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