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Some prospects show up to the first meeting ready to hire you as their new financial advisor. They already trust you, know you’re competent and want to get started right away. 
But most prospective clients aren’t like that.READ MORE

Most financial advisors fail with the same marketing strategies. They hound prospects on LinkedIn, collect business cards at networking events and analyze the stock market in their newsletter. 
That’s why most financial advisors look like empty suits to prospective clients.READ MORE

Most financial advisors spend tons of time getting clients: They cold-call hundreds of leads, go to networking meetings they hate and harass existing clients for referrals.
But you don’t have to use those outdated methods that chase prospects away.READ MORE

Keeping clients happy is hard. They want you to deliver great returns, be available at short notice and know about every change in the markets. 
But if you do whatever your client tells you to do, you’ll get the blame when their own decisions tank their portfolio.READ MORE

You can find “proven” marketing strategies anywhere on the internet. And many of those might have worked for someone at some point in time. 
But that doesn’t mean they’ll get you any clients.READ MORE

Most financial advisors want wealthy, older clients because more investable assets mean higher earnings per client. But serving the “old & rich” demographic is an uphill battle.
millionaires are flooded with financial advisors who’ve got the perfect plan for their hard-earned wealth. READ MORE

If you want to get fit, you’ve got to exercise every single day. If you want to get smarter, you’ve got to learn something every day. And if you want more clients, you’ve got to work on your marketing every day. READ MORE

Marketing is tricky. Some advisors spend thousands of dollars on a slick logo, professional pictures and a beautiful website without getting a single client. 
Meanwhile, other advisors get red-hot leads on the phone with nothing but a LinkedIn profile. READ MORE

Building a business that sets you free and makes you wealthy takes time. And if you’re focused on short-term tactics, you’ll always be chasing “shiny objects” that don’t attract well-paying clients.… READ MORE

Even though financial advisors help others manage their money, many of them have “money blocks”. They’re afraid of spending money, afraid of investing money and, most importantly, afraid of asking for money.… READ MORE

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