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It’s exhausting to chase down prospects in LinkedIn messages, hound them with calls and barrage them with cold emails.
You’re constantly getting rejected and have to spend irreplaceable time for every client.… READ MORE

There are tons of courses, books and seminars that promise you more clients by helping you sell.
But most of them repel more clients than they attract. That’s because they teach worn-out tactics your prospects have heard a hundred times.… READ MORE

Whether it’s fitness, business or relationships: Some people accomplish in weeks what others do in years. 
When you’re growing slowly, it’s easy to get angry at all the people surpassing you.READ MORE

Even the most ambitious financial advisors fall short of their goals. They want to multiply their client roster, skyrocket their revenue and stop working all day. But most never make those goals reality. READ MORE

LinkedIn can be a reliable source of high-value clients. But most financial advisors don’t make any money from their LinkedIn profile. 
It’s not because they’re bad, but because they only post about certifications and their takes on the stock market.READ MORE

Many financial advisors grow their businesses every year. A select few are able to multiply their income year over year. 
But some financial advisors stay stuck. They work all day and barely see their families—just to make the same amount of money they made last year. READ MORE

Many financial advisors spend weeks on marketing strategies that never get them a single client. 
Meanwhile, a few advisors magnetize dream clients without spending all day creating content. 
That’s because they accept a few harsh truths about marketing.READ MORE

A ton of experts, gurus and coaches love to talk about mindset. And if you think like a loser, you’ll become a loser.
But if you only think about success, you’ll never be wealthy, never live in the house you want or drive the car you want.… READ MORE

Most financial advisors love making portfolios grow, but hate to do marketing. 
That’s not because they’re bad at it, it’s because they think they have to write, design and understand technology.READ MORE

Most financial advisors have big goals: They want wealth, freedom and happiness. But most of them fail—within a few years, they’re back in an office job. 
It’s not because they lack ambition or drive.READ MORE

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