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Have you met someone who can’t enjoy today’s weather because there are storm clouds on the horizon? Or maybe you know someone who questions every purchase, trying to save money. This is their Mindset.READ MORE

Burnout affects 2 of 3 financial advisors — and the current crisis has made everything worse.
If you’re working long hours, can’t separate work from your home life, and feel like you’re stuck on a treadmill… burnout might be creeping in.READ MORE

Show Notes
You’ve probably heard that good content gets your ideal prospects to call you up and become clients. This sounds simple, but most advisors get content marketing wrong: 
They create fancy stock market reports nobody reads and post about certifications that don’t get clients. READ MORE

Most financial advisors dream of an amazing life when they start their business. They think they’ll make more money than ever, spend a ton of time with their family and go on exotic vacations. 
But reality is usually different.READ MORE

There’s only one thing worse than not having a website for financial advisors: Having a bad website. If prospects find a website that undermines their trust, they’ll never become a client. 
Luckily, you don’t have to become a professional marketer to have a convincing website that attracts clients.READ MORE

Starting out as a financial advisor is simple: If you join a big firm, you don’t have to build relationships with brokerages or create your own brochures and other marketing materials. 
But that comfort comes at a cost: Big firms can restrict how and where you market.READ MORE

Getting clients as a financial advisor can be excruciating. You cold-call, create content, send emails, attend networking events and maybe even pay for ads. The result? A few appointments with lukewarm prospects who just want your advice so they can manage their money themselves. READ MORE

If you get paid a percentage of your assets under management, it makes sense to work with “big fish”. Landing one wealthy client puts more money in your pocket than ten poor ones.
But getting wealthy clients isn’t easy.READ MORE

Referrals are the best leads you can get. They already trust you, know what you do and are aware they need help with their finances.
But it’s not easy to get others to trust you enough to send their friends to you.… READ MORE

If you want to improve your marketing, attract more leads and close more clients, there’s tons of “experts” willing to teach you in their books, courses, webinars and coaching programs. Some are great, others are helpful, but many are just plain ripoffs. READ MORE

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