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Most financial advisors think content marketing is only about posting boring blog posts that nobody cares about. But the content you create as a financial advisor will be the difference between having a pipeline full of hungry prospects or your business fizzling out.… READ MORE

Some financial advisors crush it on LinkedIn. They see rabid engagement. They get swarmed with sales calls. And their client roster is filled with high-quality clients.
Then there are other financial advisors who haven’t generated even one call from LinkedIn even though they post all the time.… READ MORE

Most people—including but not limited to financial advisors—use Instagram dead wrong. Many advisors scoff it off because it’s a highly visual social media platform, and they don’t think they can get clients with it.… READ MORE

Twitter is one of the easiest social media platforms to grow your following and business on. Unlike LinkedIn, Twitter is more authentic—which means, it could unlock a treasure trove of new clients to your business.… READ MORE

Most financial advisors tend to treat all of their clients like they’re the exact same person. This is a massive mistake, even if you’re niched down and deal with the same type of people every day.… READ MORE

Imagine what your life would be like if you only advised clients who were in the top 0.5% of net worth households. That means, you’re only dealing with clients who clear at least 7 figures each year, and have a net worth of over 8 figures.… READ MORE

Going all in on your niche terrifies most financial advisors.
Because you have to turn down many potential clients who don’t fit into your niche, especially in the beginning when you could use the money these clients would bring in.… READ MORE

Most financial advisors hear the advice to niche down, and pick doctors or dentists or business owners. While these niches are great, many financial advisors avoid Christians as a niche.
Well, many believe that Christians aren’t as interested in building their wealth as other potential niches.… READ MORE

Most financial advisors ignore Gen Z thinking they don’t have capital. But this is a big, fat $100 million mistake.
Well, Gen Z has more than $100 million in buying power. They make up 20% of the population.… READ MORE

If I had to start my entire business over from scratch—and I only had 30 days to do it—how would I do it?
Many financial advisors ask me a question along these lines. They overcomplicate their marketing system, until it overwhelms them and they give up on it completely.… READ MORE

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