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Since I run in financial advisor circles, I hear from successful—and not so successful—financial advisors all the time. Besides the financial advisor circles I’m in, I’m also in several mastermind groups for business owners.… READ MORE

There’s a massive gap between what financial advisors think they’re doing and what clients perceive they’re getting. That’s why many financial advisors lose clients even when they help them make money.… READ MORE

Most financial advisors don’t charge enough for one of two reasons:
Either their marketing machine isn’t up to snuff. Or they don’t feel comfortable with charging higher prices.
But here’s the thing:
Charging more not only helps you attract better clients, but it also helps you serve your current clients better.… READ MORE

Many financial advisors have a natural abrasion to raising their prices. And it makes sense: Once you consider raising your prices, your brain tries to convince you that you’ll lose all of your clients overnight.… READ MORE

There are 16 main personality types. And while each personality type offers different advantages and disadvantages, there’s a trend for which personality types make the most money and enjoy the most success.… READ MORE

Here’s a cold, hard fact of life:
Most people retire almost as broke as they were when they entered the world.
Well, there are several reasons. But none is more lethal than “Projection Bias.” It doesn’t just affect your clients either, it can also cause smart financial advisors like yourself into squandering your wealth.… READ MORE

If you’re not making as much in your business as you’d like, I have some humbling news for you:
You’re letting your ego sabotage you!
Your ego is a conniving poison that devours your wealth every opportunity it gets.… READ MORE

Most financial advisors are great at their job, but they suck at marketing. I don’t say that to be cruel. But sometimes the truth hurts.
That’s the bad news.
The good news?
After listening to this episode, you will never be able to say you suck at marketing again.… READ MORE

Most financial advisors make a fatal mistake when trying to get more clients from their website:
Instead of focusing on converting existing traffic, they waste money trying to attract new visitors. Here’s the problem: If your current visitors aren’t converting now, adding more gasoline won’t fix your conversion problems.… READ MORE

Retirees & pre-retirees are among the biggest and the most challenging markets to sell to. Why? Because they’re more skeptical when it comes to investing their money.
They fear being cheated or scammed out of their hard-earned life savings.… READ MORE

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