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List building can be the most rewarding job in the world.
But it can also be the most ungrateful way to spend your
time and money if you’re not careful.
Most marketers who attempt list building are digging their
own graves.… READ MORE

On today’s episode, we’re talking all about numbers and financial reporting!
…Okay, so I probably lost the attention of about half of you with that sentence.
Stay with me, today’s subject is critical for you to grasp!READ MORE

Igor and Paulo talk about what you must do to start thinking like a winner in your online business. This is important, because when you think like a winner, you act like one and that’s when you become one.… READ MORE


In a rush?
Here are the highlights of Copy Chief Radio; Reach: 3 Things That Must happen Before You Must Sell a Thing (pt. 3) if you are in a hurry:
What does Kevin say about the future of marketing? (4:55 Mark)
Why is it important to keep interest from mobile to desktop?… READ MORE

Getting started is hard.
DAMN hard.
And staring at the blank page is painful.
Not just emotionally.
So THIS secret from a grizzled copywriting veteran and former stand up comedian was a MASSIVE breakthrough for me.… READ MORE

Which one’s more profitable:
a) Niche market which isn’t showing much activity
with ton of room for new products?
b) Niche market which is gushing with products,
programs and offers already?
The answer might surprise you!… READ MORE

Sourcing, Sourcing Sourcing…it’s a thorn in our side as designers and jewelry makers.
I know many of YOU get seriously overwhelmed by sourcing.
I’ll be honest: I even got anxiety when planning this podcast!READ MORE


The big secret behind making your solo ad buys pay for themselves revealed by Empower Network’s top paid-traffic producer Michael Martin.… READ MORE

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