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“I can’t afford a $100K downpayment.”

This is a lie most single family investors like to tell themselves. Instead of earning $240K per year in passive income, they’ve convinced themselves it’s not possible.

The most insidious part?

They’ll be chained to single family homes for the rest of their life, as that’s what they know best — missing out on deals that actually unlock their life.

Now, having $100K in hard money seems impossible. But there is a way.

And in today’s episode, John Crutchfield, CEO of Grab The Map, reveals how to purchase multifamily property (with no money down.)

Listen now!

Show Highlights Include:

  • 3 “obvious” ways to own 100% of your real estate portfolio (and never pay preferred returns to investor again) (0:54)
  • How to retire and go fishing at 40 with “leveraged income” (and no, it’s not “passive income”) (7:26)
  • Why the best real estate mentorship you’ll ever receive is located at your local church (9:03)
  • How to break into multifamily properties by stealing the exact, word-for-word script John used to purchase his first property (10:32)
  • The “WDYN” formula for buying properties even when sellers receive higher paying offers (13:28)
  • How to purchase 66 units (valued at $2.5 million) in 1 afternoon (16:51)
  • Don’t have a $700K downpayment for a $2 Mil property? Here’s a “sneaky” way to qualify (21:17)

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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