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How do you view money? Jesus used parables to teach many things. One parable about money could be a metaphor. But was it? We are told to read the scriptures and apply their teachings to our lives but how we understand those readings can make all the difference!… READ MORE

Keanu Reeves is best known for his work in The Matrix, Point Break, and Speed – but he’s an actor whose fame goes beyond just his films.
Sure, Keanu has been a mainstay of the film industry for nearly 40 years, but more than that, he has become a modern-day symbol for freedom.… READ MORE

Teachers are an extremely vital part of both our personal and professional development.
They guide us through times when we need someone to point us in the right direction.
But one might wonder what characteristics must a teacher have that separates them from the rest.… READ MORE

‘I’m sorry.’
There’s a strong chance you use this phrase a lot. In fact, you probably use it way too much – and it’s not your fault. Society has taught us to say sorry – to feel sorry – whether we’re in the wrong or not.… READ MORE

Welcome back to part two of The Addiction Myth. Last time, we brought up a serious conundrum which was the way that you see the world is going to dictate the way you operate in it. Today, our #1 priority is helping you see how powerful it is to live a life of unbridled joy.… READ MORE

The concept of addiction is clouded with countless misconceptions, assumptions, and ideas making it increasingly difficult to really understand what somebody is going through. There are hundreds of myths floating around, but today, we’re going to challenge your thinking and consider what if we’re all wrong?… READ MORE

It’s tough when you start moving in an unconventional direction for the very first time. You don’t yet have the confidence in yourself, there’s no proven roadmap to guide you, and it can seem overwhelming.… READ MORE

We live in a world of words – and words are not the truth.
The road you’re walking on is not the same road you’re talking about.
Too often we believe the words we say are reality. But the truth is very much the opposite.… READ MORE

How do you actually know when you’re totally clear and free from addiction…
Without that niggling little worry in the back of your mind…
And without your conscious pricking you with unhelpful thoughts?… READ MORE

Ever asked yourself, “What is life? Seriously, what IS the purpose of life?!”
One of the most common regrets most people have is that they wish they would have lived a life true to themselves – instead of one for others.… READ MORE

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