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Our entire society thinks in terms of winning and losing.
But can you really “win” or “lose” something? The truth is, there is no such thing as winning and losing.
Winning is something we’ve created to give ourselves permission to feel happy and excited about life.… READ MORE

Humans tend to make a big deal out of tiny problems. You’ve been trained your entire life — from your first homework assignment to your next job interview — to rely on fear to make decisions.
You think that making the wrong decision means your life will crumble and wither away.… READ MORE

Most addiction experts are flat out wrong. In fact, they usually trap you in a cycle of victimhood and helplessness that makes it impossible to ditch your addictions.
This is especially true when “triggers” are brought up.… READ MORE

Relapsing is usually considered a bad thing. But is it really that bad?
The problem is when you say “relapse,” you’ve already placed a negative label on it.
What if instead of labeling it as a negative event, you stepped back and saw it for what it truly was: Your brain signaling to you that your life could be improved.… READ MORE

There are two main philosophies guiding all of our lives. You either try to take control of every aspect of your life. Or you trust in the cosmos that everything will work out.
And both seem pretty silly on the surface.… READ MORE

Most people don’t realize there is only one true emotion. But you put masks over your true emotion and it makes you feel emotions that aren’t actually there.
Are you really struggling with anxiety or depression?… READ MORE

When something goes wrong in your life, your first step is usually to figure out what happened and try to find a solution. And it makes sense — society has brainwashed us into thinking this is the only way to solve problems.… READ MORE

Life throws all sorts of attacks at you. Whether they come from life’s circumstances, outside forces, or perhaps the most dangerous — internal thoughts that riddle your brain with doubt, insecurity, and fear.… READ MORE

Imagine how much easier your life would be if you felt calm and at peace regardless of what life throws at you. Most of your internal battles with yourself would instantly vanish.
Not only would this help you embody happiness, but it would make you more successful at any task you set out to achieve.… READ MORE

Are you a prisoner to the whims of your emotions?
Most people are.
They struggle with cutting through the clutter of their emotions. Instead of taking action to change their emotions to a better state, they sit and dwell about what they’re feeling.… READ MORE

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