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Every single addict on the planet has superpowers.
The problem is that you don’t realize you can take these superpowers and apply them to other, more positive areas of your life.
In other words, you already have superpowers.… READ MORE

Science holds a certain amount of weight on our psyches because we naturally trust scientists.
But what if the science is wrong? In many cases, science is biased, flawed, and based on old assumptions that have been proven false.… READ MORE

We have a chance to learn something new every time something happens in our life.
But the smartest, most creative people know a secret to applying that lesson across all areas of their life.
In today’s episode, I’m sharing how you can do that so you can turn catastrophes into a catapult to a better life.… READ MORE

Most people have a huge misunderstanding about the role sorrow plays in their life.
It’s not there so you can sulk in it.
Sorrow is a powerful gift from the heavens when used correctly. And in this episode, I’m going to teach you how to use it to your advantage.… READ MORE

You can’t be alive and free if you’re always worried and thinking about money.
In today’s episode, I’m shattering all of your money beliefs that are keeping you more broke.
Here Are The Show Highlights:

How to finally break free from money’s iron grip on your life (4:59)
How to turn the tables on greedy credit card companies to beat them at their own game (7:21)
The biggest lie you’ve been told about debt that’s keeping you from becoming richer beyond your wildest dreams (8:38)
Why you shouldn’t want to have money in the bank (9:28)
Do you like money more than yourself?… READ MORE

So many of us let our backwards idea about love wreck our most important relationships.
In today’s episode, I’m unleashing the proper definition of love so you can take a break from always loving everyone and start mending your broken relationships.… READ MORE

Life isn’t so much about what happens to you as it is how you react to it.
You can either accept it and continue to move forward. Or you can let it consume every fiber of your being and trap yourself in an endless cycle of misery.… READ MORE

Is watching porn the same as cheating on your spouse?
Whether it is or not isn’t actually the issue. The trouble is we let our definitions of words and actions cloud our emotions and wreak havoc in our relationships.… READ MORE

Fears. We all have them and most of us aren’t sure how to deal with them. “Healthy” fears irrational fears, and fear of addiction all have one thing in common.
Today we’ll discuss what fear is, how it could be hurting you and your relationships, and the root cause of fear that you can address to overcome your addictions and find freedom.… READ MORE

What if everything you knew about overcoming trauma and suffering was wrong? Or worse –– it was actually prolonging your misery?
The good news is there’s something you can do about it.
In today’s episode, I explain how trying to “heal” is keeping you miserable and what to do instead.… READ MORE

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