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Most people who struggle with their emotions or mental health first turn to “mind exercises” like therapy or meditation.
While therapy and meditation may help, they’re not as powerful or effective as working with your body to reverse your mental turmoil.… READ MORE

There is a musical world all around us. Scientists discovered that even plants play “music” through their electrical signals.
And your brain works the same way: It sends electrical signals throughout your body every moment of the day.… READ MORE

We experience the world through our senses. They are feelers that let us connect with ourselves and others. But there’s a common misconception.
At school, we’re taught to believe that we have five senses: eyesight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell.… READ MORE

Do you feel like you’re living in a prison sometimes…one that you built yourself?
You’re not alone.
Too often we let fear, shame, or other negative emotions take control of our lives. We fear these emotions because they take us out of our comfort, forcing us to be in situations that don’t make us feel 100% safe.… READ MORE

The internet is a dangerous place for your children. You might be shocked to discover – most children see pornography before they leave elementary school.
We know what disastrous effects porn has on childrens’ brains.… READ MORE

Most people don’t understand happiness. And it robs them of feeling blissful every day. Happiness isn’t tied to achievements, purchases, or other life events. In fact, thinking of happiness this way creates untold suffering. READ MORE

We live in a backwards society full of illusions. We take people’s word for things without experiencing it ourselves. We buy into their theories about addiction and depression, only to become more addicted and depressed.… READ MORE

Most people treat their problems like moving into a new house: They fill their new place with all their old stuff from their past so it feels like “home.”
But clinging to your memories causes untold amounts of suffering, misery, and anguish in your psyche.… READ MORE

People treat their addictions, traumas, and mental suffering like unwanted pets. After dealing with it for a period of time, leaving it behind creates sadness. 
But there’s a big, fat problem with this mindset: 
Your struggles—mental or physical—aren’t unwanted pets.READ MORE

As humans, we try to separate ourselves from animals and nature as much as possible. We believe that thinking makes us different from every other type of life on the planet.
But this is a mistake which creates suffering.… READ MORE

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