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Here’s something that will make you challenge everything you believe you know:
The real reason why there’s so much anxiety, or depression, or pain, or frustration, or stress, or fear, or anger in your life is NOT because something’s broken inside you.… READ MORE

Labels and diagnoses, from ADHD to codependency and every one in between, usually limits your potential.
For example, I recently discovered that I probably have ADHD. But since I never labeled myself as ADHD or have gotten an official diagnosis that I have ADHD, it’s been a super power for me instead of a way to victimize myself.… READ MORE

The concept of “healing” might sound appealing, but it’s actually a dangerous trick in disguise. Why? Well, it means you have to believe something is wrong with you in the first place, otherwise healing would never interest you.… READ MORE

There’s an invisible world living beneath your skin. It controls your emotions, mood, cravings, and can even alter your entire personality.
What’s this invisible world that can hijack your very experience of life itself?… READ MORE

A while back, Jasmine and I considered ending our marriage. At the time, I was in a weird depressive funk, which is no place to decide on what to do in a relationship.
Now, I wasn’t depressed, but I was stuck.… READ MORE

Do you want to be a victim of your own memory?
The unfortunate truth is, while unwilling to admit it, most people kind of like being a victim of their memory.
Well, it’s comfortable and it absolves you of responsibility for things that happened in your life that you didn’t like.… READ MORE

In the Buddhist religion, masters would tell their students that if they saw the Buddha, they should kill him.
Well, the authorities that you revere are your last obstacle towards achieving true freedom.… READ MORE

We have several tour guides throughout our lives. Our parents, our teachers, our mentors, and our friends. When used correctly, these tour guides steer you down creating your own path, and becoming an experitus.… READ MORE

“What entertains you, trains you.” It’s a pithy quote I’ve repeated often on this show, but there’s also hardcore scientific evidence that proves this phenomenon is true.
For example, in science, there’s what’s known as the placebo effect, and the nocebo effect.… READ MORE

There are a lot of similarities between pain (even chronic pain) and emotions. But the most important similarity is this:
Your pain and emotions are an opinion!
This fact is backed by the leading neuroscientist on pain research.… READ MORE

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