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Setting goals helps you experience happiness, strive for something greater, and can add to your fulfillment. But setting goals can also make you miserable, fill you with darkness, and sabotage your life. READ MORE

If Jesus came back today, do you think you’d drop everything and follow him? How many other people do you think would do the same?
In the Bible, a rich man refuses to follow Jesus because he was too attached to his possessions.… READ MORE

Humans are weird. We worry about our kids, our jobs, our relationships, our finances, and everything in between. But we don’t have control over these things most of the time. 
Do you worry around the clock over things big and small?READ MORE

Most people think knowledge improves their life. The more you “know,” the more you can win arguments, impress others, and build a better life.
The truth is that knowledge clouds your judgement, creates fake problems, and depletes your joy.… READ MORE

Society has conditioned you to chase perfection since we were kids. Your parents praised you if you did your homework. And scolded you if you didn’t eat your veggies. 
This idea tricks you into believing your worth as a person is tied to your actions.READ MORE

Every morning you pull the blankets off of you, you unlock the power to end all your misery and suffering for good.
Here’s what I mean:
Your problems and your suffering are like dreams. They’re made-up ideas in your mind that torment you.… READ MORE

Work is the biggest source of stress, misery, and overwhelm in the world. And it doesn’t even exist. Work is nothing but an expenditure of energy — labeling it “work” causes stress, anxiety, and misery. READ MORE

Religion helps many people overcome their struggles. But it also fills people with guilt, shame, and worthlessness which feeds their addictions. 
Because religion is filled with stories about God that aren’t true.READ MORE

Faith is a confusing term many people misunderstand. But it’s the most powerful force in the universe (even if you’re not religious). 
If you’re having trials, struggles, and misery, it’s because of your faith.READ MORE

People usually take “eat, drink, and be merry” as hedonistic advice from the devil. 
But what if these three factors are the key to living a healthy and fulfilled life? 
Well, I have good news for you. READ MORE

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