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Pop culture throws around the word “love.” There are several ideas attached to love, but they’re all wrong.
Here’s why:
Whether you’re listening to a song about love or watching a Disney movie, these ideas imply that love comes from outside you.… READ MORE

Practicing martial arts teaches you more about living a life full of happiness than any self-help book or support group ever could. 
Because martial arts reveal how to use your environment and emotions to your advantage.READ MORE

In our modern society, we put too much emphasis on our minds, thoughts, and feelings. The problem with this is your mind is just a fraction of your total experience of life. 
In fact, your whole body is a brain.READ MORE

Do your problems or negative thought patterns haunt you to your core? No matter what steps you take, you can’t get rid of it. Not only is it crippling, but it makes you doubt your entire worth as a person. 
This recently happened to a client of mine who’s still suffering from a bad divorce. READ MORE

Do you ever wonder what the purpose of life is? Most of the time this happens because you feel negative in some way. You’re searching for a reason that your life should be different.
But this is your creation.READ MORE

Our minds are often our own worst enemies. They trap us in feedback loops of negative emotions. 
But what if your mind became your best friend? Instead of beating you down with negative self-talk, your mind fills you with joy.READ MORE

Billions of miracles happen around you every moment of your life. But we never notice them. 
Because we’re so busy chasing spiritual miracles that we forget every moment in life is already a miracle.READ MORE

In our modern society, everyone rushes from Point A to Point B. We never give ourselves a chance to relax and do nothing. 
Yet we all wonder where our anxious thoughts and worries come from. Jesus was one of the most accomplished people on earth.READ MORE

Many people feel broken because they tie themselves down to false ideas about who they are. 
You’re not your habits, hobbies, and beliefs any more than you are your clothes. These are accumulations that make it impossible for you to change your life.READ MORE

In the Bible, Jesus forgives an adulterous woman long before she forgives herself. In fact, he reveals to her that the only one condemning her is herself.
Here’s why this matters even if you’re not religious:
Only you are punishing yourself for your sins, mistakes, and past traumas.… READ MORE

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