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All of your problems—whether they’re massive or tiny—are the result of vagueness in some way, shape, or form. And boy, is that a powerful realization.
Because by getting real with yourself and removing the vagueness from the stories you tell yourself, you can free yourself from your depression, your trauma, your addictions, and anything else that’s sabotaging your quality of life.… READ MORE

Many listeners, Freedom Specialist clients, and even other Freedom Specialist coaches wonder how I parent. And admittedly, I have some weird and counterintuitive parenting strategies that might make other parents scoff, but work well for my kids and my family.… READ MORE

Everyone has secrets.
Most of them for a good reason.
But, it’ is not the same with addictions. Keeping secrets may be exactly what holds you back on your way to recovery.
It’s difficult to open up about your weaknesses, regardless of how close you may be with the other person.… READ MORE

I had an experience the other day when my buddies and I went out for dinner. We saw an attractive woman, and I used it as an opportunity to understand what was going on inside my body as a result of seeing her.… READ MORE

Most of the people who have come to a Freedom Specialist retreat—myself included—have had one thing in common:
Their biggest fear is a lack of control. But this fear itself dupes you into subconsciously sabotaging everything you value in your life.… READ MORE

Salvation, enlightenment, and bliss. These are the experiences everyone craves. We want the 40 lb backpack of despair, addiction, and trauma lifted off our shoulders, so we can start living life to the fullest again.… READ MORE

Imagine you have a battery attached to your body. Everything you do—from eating food and working to driving and watching TV—either drains your battery or recharges it.
Most people unknowingly do activities which drain the very life source from them without ever asking if those activities are worth draining their energy.… READ MORE

Confronting your beliefs about life is one of the most difficult (and rewarding) things you can do. Nobody likes being wrong, let alone admitting their wrong.
But what if your beliefs—whether in God, addiction, or trauma—are wrong?… READ MORE

When you were born, you weren’t a people pleaser. Yet many people label themselves as such today (even though it causes undue suffering).
Because learning to be a people pleaser usually helps you cope with a traumatic experience that could date back to your early childhood years.… READ MORE

Suicide is the second leading cause of death for everyone up to age 45. It’s a tragedy—and a full out epidemic.
So why do so many people in our world choose to kill themselves instead of living out the rest of their days?… READ MORE

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