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The Buddha as we know him wasn’t always the Buddha. In fact, he was just a normal guy who suffered like most of us do. But then the Buddha discovered the only true way to get rid of suffering.
Years after the Buddha’s discovery, a philosopher approached him.… READ MORE

We don’t come out of the womb seeking validation. But shortly after, our parents, our society, and our culture train us to seek validation.
This is a mistake that leads to suffering, depression, and even suicide.… READ MORE

Can the Freedom Specialist still help you even if you’re not miserable or dealing with severe trauma?
Most people don’t have severe trauma or addictions that sabotage their lives. But there’s still an opportunity to feel better, to feel more like yourself, and to experience more joy than you do right now.… READ MORE

We experience situations of disagreement every day.
And we get annoyed when we argue with our loved ones, who are supposed to understand us more than anyone else and vice versa.
We ask ourselves how far from reality the other person can be, and don’t shift from our position.… READ MORE

Therapy has helped a lot of people in the world. But it can’t help everyone. And in fact, it may not be the best approach to solve mental health problems.
For example, today’s guest, Ace Jaysayer, is a therapist himself.… READ MORE

When you make a massive change in your life, like unlocking unlimited joy and freedom, it causes ripples of change to every relationship too. And these ripples of change aren’t always positive, which confuses many people.… READ MORE

Who told you that all your traumas and baggage are problems? Where did the ideas of depression, anxiety, and addiction even come from? Are they even true?
Here’s why I’m asking:
By simply questioning your ideas, problems, and emotions you can start to leave them behind.… READ MORE

Since we were born, we’ve been conditioned to need certain things. From basic things like food and water to lavish things like sports cars and watches.
But do we really “need” anything? Maybe not…
I’ve been recently training under Elitom El-amin.… READ MORE

Whether you’re thinking about coming to a Freedom Specialist retreat, or trying another healing modality, there are lots of questions and excuses that drown your thoughts.
Letting these questions and excuses stop you from joining any program can cost you years of joy and freedom.… READ MORE

There are exciting and empowering plans happening behind-the-scenes of The Freedom Specialist.
My new book will come out soon, which gives you an easy way to introduce these ideas to your loved ones.… READ MORE

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