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We’re suckers for authority. We see someone in a white lab coat, and immediately think they know all the answers. But reality doesn’t typically play out how they say:
Take Amber for example, a featured guest on this episode.… READ MORE

Society has been brainwashed into believing a lie. This falsehood has caused more addiction, pain, and suffering than perhaps any other lie in history. But the good news is: It’s a lie.
So, what’s the lie?… READ MORE

Scientists discovered that a tiny fraction of the weight of a dime creates enough pressure on your cells to force them to divide.
What does that mean for healing yourself from decades of suffering and trauma?… READ MORE

About 14 years ago, a plane crashed into a volcano it didn’t see because the coordinates had been two degrees off on the instrument panel.
This story reminds me of the current state of therapy: Therapy’s success rates are shockingly low.… READ MORE

Imagine your body is an airplane, and you have no idea how to control it, let alone fly it.
Well, that’s how most of us live our lives. It’s no wonder we drown in addictions, traumas, and misery.
But what if someone gave you the manual for that airplane and proved that it’s easy to operate?… READ MORE

When you invite freedom into your life, it creates a domino effect that seeps into every aspect of your life—for the better.
Take Lee for example:
By inviting freedom into his life after attending a retreat, he finally put his body at ease.… READ MORE

Have you seen the Netflix documentary, My Octopus Teacher? Lee and I recently watched it—and it blew us away.
Because it puts this thing we call life into perspective. It shows you how to overcome trauma and pain without letting it consume you—and without forgetting the lessons that can help you avoid traumatic situations today.… READ MORE

Every relationship is hard, whether with your spouse, kids, or friends. But we have a tendency to make our relationships harder than they actually are too.
When emotions infiltrate your relationships, especially in heated conversations and arguments, it leads to compromises, hardships, and even resentment.… READ MORE

Most people lead their lives with their mind, not their heart. This causes unnecessary stress, worry, and anxiety.
Because your heart sends signals to your mind, and your mind makes up negative stories about whatever your heart’s sending you.… READ MORE

Every time an event happens in our life—good, bad, or in between—our brain creates a story out of it. And since your brain is cunning and sly, it connects these made-up stories to other made-up stories in your mind.… READ MORE

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